Short Weekend

Posted on: March 6, 2007

We had VIP guests at work up until the weekend… Family time was a bit shortened but it was time well-spent with the kiddos.


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time to plan for Jake’s 4th birthday this Sunday 🙂
is he excited or what?

It’s still Jake’s 3rd birthday, not quite the 4th yet, hehehe…

He doesn’t know the concept of birthdays except that he knows he’s supposed to blow a birthday candle. Everytime we tell him his birthday is coming up, he asks, “Jacob will blow candle?”… 😀

lovely pictures! I like the pic of your youngest (right?) the one eating spaghetti by himself. So cute!

you have such happy kids talaga. i think its because you always make time for them, despite your busy skeds. good job!

Aw, thanks! Yes, he’s my youngest. He’s weaning himself from milk I guess, hence his foray into adult food like spaghetti. Hehehe…

I guess that’s our basic responsibility as parents, to bring up good and happy kids. 😉 It’s a work in progress.

yup, 4th year i mean. we celebrate the past and hope for a good year ahead… but that only works when you’re young…not for me ha…hehehe

Hmmm? Palusot ha… hehehe…. Well, Jake’s height is that of a regular 4 year old accdg to his pediatrician so you’re correct na rin in a way. 😛


I will send your Lolarazzi to represent us Manilenos on your 3rd special day! She will be there on Friday with your Papa. I will send you money through her for you to buy a birthday gift.

Enjoy your day and God bless you!!!

“200 below” is a nice photo, cute ng mga boys mo!

That’s an early birthday gift ha! Why aren’t you coming? Hmm…

Anyway thank you in advance for the “pittance”. Hehehe…

We had fun plopping Jake on top of the pile of bargain shirts in Metro Ayala (same owner of Market! Market!). Enjoy naman sya. The saleslady didn’t mind one bit as the pile was already a mess. 😀

Correction please. It is no PITTANCE. Any amount coming from us retirees is always BIG specially if such amount is squeezed from our limited monthly budget for medicine and all!

And I believe that anything given wholeheartedly to someone (a need of toys) will come back to the giver a hundred fold! Siksik, liglig at umaapaw! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi Linnor! haven’t dopped by in a while. I love the slide show! I think I’ll do something similar on my blog 🙂 galing! Your boys are sooo cute! Have a fun weekend 🙂 God bless!

Woohoo! Mamarazzi is flying in today! Reunion with the Lola ang kiddos this weekend. Aren’t you jealous? hehehe…

Thanks in advance for the generous cash gift. I was just teasing you about the pittance, a word you always use when sending your cash gifts… 😀 We’ll buy Jake some new stuff with it. 😉

Thanks! The slideshow is a faster way to show pics online… 😀 I’ve seen it in other blogs and decided to have my own as well.

Happy weekend!

I never noticed that Jake’s pic had a “below 200” sign in it :D….The pic was meant to be a collection of clothes with a cute face sticking out 😀

I just thought it would look cute with that sale tag included…. Hehehe….

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