3-Year Old Miracle

Posted on: March 11, 2007

During my mid-30’s (I make that sound too long ago :P), Jerry and I thought of making another go in trying to conceive our 3rd baby. Matt, our eldest, was then 10, and Kyle was 7. We felt we were ready to be “new parents” the third time around.

Happily for me, the pregnancy went smoothly. I didn’t gain too much unwanted weight. I had no nausea or morning sickness. I moved about as if I wasn’t heavy with child. In fact, on my 6th month, I looked like I was only fat!

It wasn’t until my 7th month visit to my obstetrician that it was discovered that something was seriously wrong with the ultrasound result. My fluid was alarmingly low and the baby’s health was being threatened. Either he wasn’t expelling fluids, signalling some kidney problem or that I was leaking, a situation that could threaten of dry labor at the very least causing distress to the infant. The condition was called oligohydramnios.

For the next 2 weeks I was advised to go slow and to hydrate myself by drinking 4 liters of water per day. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water was already an effort for me, imagine the will-power I had to muster to finish 4 liters of water for the baby and my safe delivery.

Two weeks later, my condition didn’t improve. The situation was almost grim. Fearing for both my baby and me, Dr. Tolentino decided to schedule me for delivery.

On March 11, 2004, 5 weeks short of term, my obstetrician decided to have me undergo my first Caesarian operation.

I was fighting off the urge to sleep. I wanted to see the baby delivered and hear his hearty cry. Only then would I be assured that everything went okay.

At a little past lunch time, I felt something pulled out of me… A muffled cry was heard. Then baby Jake, all wrinkled and wrapped in white cloth, was carried to me.

He was sooo tiny… I was so weak and drowsy from the effects of the anaesthetics but I managed to look at him, say a short prayer of gratitude, and kissed his wet forehead.

In a split moment, he was whisked away, which was something quite odd. Normally the nurses would let me bond with my newborn for a few minutes as what I recall doing when I gave birth to Matt and Kyle.

It turned out that Jake looked so fragile and weighed in only at 1200 grams or *gasp* 2.6 pounds! He would spend the next 10 days in the NICU for special care. I was now worried for him than for myself even after the doctor told me my placenta would be brought to the lab for further tests.

The days that followed were exhausting but miraculously turned for the better. My placenta tests didn’t show anything serious. I was recovering from the surgery well. And most of all, our little bundle was gaining weight.

Now, exactly 3 years later, Jake weighs as heavy and stands as tall as a regular 4 year-old (not 3).

Happy 3rd birthday Jake!

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awwwwww.. what a miracle! he sure doesnt look like someone who only weighed that much… HAPPY BDAY JAKE…and many many more to come! GOD BLESS you always!

happy birthday to Jake!!!

Jake will always be our greatest SURVIVOR

He couldnt wait no more to be out to see the world! (1 day more, we couldve shared more than our great looks, but our birthdays too!)

It was scary at that time. I never thought someone who weighed that much could even survive, really. Thanks! He’s a living proof that miracles do happen.

Thanks 😀

I know… he’s amazing and God is awesome!

Hahaha, shared the great looks when he was weighing 2 lbs or up until now? His early pictures do remind me of your own baby pictures. 😛 Tama di ba?

Woohoo! Jacob is 3 “ears” old today….he he he….that’s how he used to say it! Have a great day, Jacob! 😀

He even sang: “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy BIRTHDAY!”


Praise God for wonderful miracles.

Happy Birthday Jake.

Happy birthday, Jake!

Thanks for inviting us to your party. Marti had a great time swimming.

Wow that is indeed a miracle. I think you have the same experience as my aunt had when she had her 3rd baby too!

Amen to that! 😉

It was our pleasure having you celebrate with us. I’m glad Marti had fun swimming. 🙂

The strange thing is that it happens at random. The doctors couldn’t pinpoint what exactly causes it.

Hi Linnor, Belated Happy Birthday to Jake! Our youngest and only daughter was also a Preemie, born at 2 lbs, 10 oz. She is now 18, a freshman in college and we still call her my “miracle baby”. We also called her our “bonus child”. Jake is so cute!!!

happy birthday to your little miracle, who is not so little anymore! god bless! 🙂

Oh wow… I realize now that low birth weight does not necessarily mean poor health. You have your 18 year old daughter as proof of this. God really works wonders.

Yes, he is not little anymore! Ang bilis ng time. 😀

What a great story. A precious child you have naman talaga. I have a premie-niece born at 5 months and weighed only 2 lbs then as well. Now she is 8 yrs old and tall and healthy.

Your niece and my Jake are proof that God really works in miraculous ways. 😀

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