The Other (Young) Man

Posted on: March 25, 2007

I have become quite accustomed to the routine of having Jerry fly in and out of Cebu every week. So far, except for some major decision-making activities, the affairs at home and at work are manageable to handle by my lonesome.

However, spending nights alone is a different story…. I can’t stand having nobody to snuggle up to, not being able to feel somebody close by, to smell his skin, to hold his hand and to stroke his hair… After much thought, I allowed it to happen.

I now let Jake take over the space which is practically Jerry’s half of the bed.

Problem is, we’re finding it hard to wean him out of it even when Jerry’s around. πŸ˜›

Jake takes over the space completely in the afternoons…

I am on a roll doing 2 posts in less than 24 hours today. Though my trusty Redford is with me, I’m not about to do any kind of work this weekend. Its 1 am, my boys are asleep here at Malayan Hotel. Tomorrow, at 630 am, we’ll join the company outing at Batangas. So far so good. I am definitely enjoying the first day of my mini-vacation.

Happy weekend!


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big boy bed hugger!

enjoy La Luz…are you paying for the bugoys? or kasama ang family in the outing..?

Thanks for the quick succession in updates! Hehehe. Hey, what about those hot dog pillows? The one that’s full length? But I know that’s no substitute for a warm body.

I paid for the boys. I have peace of mind this way (even if I have to spend) bringing them with us than leaving them with the nannies while Jerry and I go out for a weekend of fun.

I was even willing to pay for Ma & Pa’s accomm if they only decided earlier to join us. Kaso, when they did, there were no rooms left. Sayang.

Hehehe…. blog addict na ba? Very seldom do I have the free time to indulge in blogging. I’m glad to have found some time now.

ang sarap naman ng higa ni Jake—talagang K.O. πŸ™‚

ang sarap naman ng tulog ni Jake.

my daughter knows that she can sleep with me when her daddy is out of town… but when he is home, she also knows that she has to sleep in her own room.

Oo nga eh. Relax na relax. Parang kanyang-kanya ang buong bed. πŸ˜€

Oo nga ano. Come to think of it. Maybe I could get him a bed of his own… Kasi before he began sleeping on the bed with us, he was using his cramped crib/playpen. πŸ™‚ Perhaps he just wants a real bed for a change.

Your son looks so sweet on that pic. Looks like an angel sleeping

Thanks. Restful sleep ano? I think it really is partly because of the bed. Hehehe…

My daughter always slept in her own room . However there are (a lot) of times that she would wake up in the middle of the night and hop in between me and my hubs, often times, envading the whole space and forcing hubby to move somewhere else.

You know what, treasure this moments, coz they grow up so fast and pretty soon, they wouldnt want to sleep beside you anymore.

enjoy the rest of your mini vacation.

senyorito! πŸ™‚ cute!

Hi! I got here through Pinoy Moms Network. The picture of your little boy sleeping soundly is cute. Like my daughter, sleeping with pillows all around her. πŸ™‚

so cute! gusto ko tuloy matulog na!hehehe

Yes, you’re right. It won’t be long till Jake grows up and prefers to sleep on his own bed, or his own room even, just like his elder brothers.

I guess that’s pretty much the reason whyI savor the times we get to do it… Precious cuddling moments…

Siga nga! As if kanya..

Hehe… In that picture, you could see 3 cartoon character pillows. Jake would find it quite hard sleeping or drinking milk without these pillow pals. Anyway…What’s with tots and their favorite pillows no?

Minsan naghihilik pa yan…. Hehehe…

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