Funny Way With Words

Posted on: April 5, 2007

One day 3-year old Jake was excitedly telling us about some tv feature about the Sinulog (Feast of the Sto Nino in Cebu).

“Pa, pa, Jacob watch ‘SiHulog’… tv…”, he chattered away.

“Really? When did Jacob watch “SiHulog” on tv?”, my hubby asked.

“Jacob watch ‘SiHulog’ yesternight”, Jake proudly replied with a big toothy smile.

This morning, Jake was playing with my office laptop. The game was Warcraft. Matt, my 13 year-old son, was trying to help him out.

I didn’t realize, until today, that 3 year old Jake could already string words to form a coherent grammatically correct sentence, completely in English.

“How do I find the castle?”, he asked Matt.

Only, he mispronounced the last word as “cas-ol”.


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awwwwww…ang cute naman!

Hi! It is good to listen to our children talk and notice the length of utterance or use of more complex words. That way, we know how they are progressing in terms of their language development, and their interests as well.

Can I link you up?

That is the most adorable story you have there! Lovely!

Thanks for sharing those cute conversations. My son is also 3 yrs old and turning 4 this year. I find it amuzing how kids say the funniest things and how they learn to reason out with you.

I also shared recent conversations with my son:


Take care!

was he actually referring to himself when he said
“Pa, pa, Jacob watch ‘SiHulog’… tv…”, ??

that should be cute!

haha. ang cute ni jake. i can imagine him say “ca-sol” complete with his cheeky grin 🙂

If may “yesterday”, why can’t there be “yesternight”, right? Hahaha.

I agree. I noticed with toddlers that they refer to themselves using their names instead of saying “I” or “me”. Amusing!

Yes let’s exchange links. 😉

It plays over and over in my mind. Hehehe.

Aren’t toddlers so adorable? I wish I were able to record the funny words my other two elder sons said when they were little. *Sigh* I could only recall a few. I’m glad there’s the blog to help me keep a record of these precious moments.

Thanks! I enjoyed reading your Yohanisms. 😀

Yes, he addresses himself as Jacob. 😀 At least we’re assured that he knows his name. Hehehe.

Bisaya diction… 😀

Jake is so cute!!! 🙂 How precious!

Jake’s stage is the age which we call “sponge”, they easily take in and absorb everything they hear, see and take an interest in.

let me think of a name to call your conversations with Jake, in the same way as Heart of Rachel adopted “yohanisms” for her chats with her son Yohan. jake-talk perhaps? or jakeisms, will get back to you…

hala, true bisayang tisoy or bisoy si Jakee…try to record and encase forever, for a future laugh when he grows up

Don’t you know that a child’s delayed speech is one sign he has a very high degree of intelligence? So expect Jake in the SHS honor roll like Matt and Kyle.

Am not sure with Zia. She is so fluent Lolarazzi and I are so amazed a two-year old and a half baby can say it loud and clear!. 🙂 🙂

Hehehe…. Lumalaki na baby ko.

I love love love Jake-Talk! I would definitely create a Jake-Talk category for this blog, unless you think of another cute name for it. Heehee…

Thanks Sexy Mom!

Korek! That is undeniable! Puede ding Chi-bi-soy! Hahaha!

Hehehe…. If that’s any indicator, then I sure hope so!

Zia-pot sounds like Mamarazzi at 2 years old! Hahaha! Grabe, very talkative and kulit. Buti na lang cute! 😀

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