Starting a Holy Week Tradition

Posted on: April 6, 2007

Holy Thursday for our family means going to Confession in the morning, doing the Stations of the Cross and attending the mass (washing of the feet) in the afternoon.

Good Friday is listening to the 7 Last Words and attending the mass and veneration of the cross.

Today, we added a new twist to our Holy Week tradition. We all agreed to refrain from complaining, whining or saying anything negative. If we feel like saying something negative, we have to re-phrase it to make it sound positive like:

Instead of saying “It’s soo warm!”, we say “The sun is shining brightly today” or instead of “You’re too slow”, we say “Let’s move faster”, etcetera. The “punishment” is P1 to the pot if we go against the rules.

The 4 of us are making the extra effort to be extra conscious about everything that we say. Funny thing is, we have been so accustomed to griping, whining, giving negative comments etc., that it can be quite tricky to stay within the rules. Everyone is watching himself as well as the others if somebody attempts to say something. I, myself, am not spared from coughing up these P1 penalties. And the pot is slowly (buti na lang slowly) getting bigger.

It’s an effective way teach kids and adults to have a more positive attitude. It usually starts with the words that come out of our mouths.

“Until when do we have to keep doing this?”, Kyle, my 10 year old 2nd son asked. “Until Easter Sunday”, Jerry replied “or probably continue for life”.

Instead of the usual: “Huh?” or “No…” or any other word of protest, we heard a long sigh from the boys.

See? Didn’t I just say it’s effective?

As I was working on something on my laptop this afternoon, I felt the urge to… uhh…pass some gas (excuse me), on account of which, Jerry laughed and suddenly blurted at me: “One Peso!”

So there’s an additional rule included… No obnoxious sound effects too!


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I could not be happier you have that kind of house rules. Hope the 4 pariticipants will make a firm resolve to do them this Lent onward!.

Indeed, Lent is not only a period of FASTING but FEASTING as well. Let us ask our Lord and Crucified King to help us to:

1. Fast from judging others; feast on Christ dwelling in them;
2. Fast didcontent, feast on gratitude;
3. Fast from anger, feast on patience;
4. Fast from worry, feast on trust;
5. Fast from complaining, feast on appreciation;
6. Fast from bitterness, feast on FORGIVENESS;
7. Fast from self-concern, feast on compassion for others;
8. Fast from facts that depress, feast on truths that uplift;
9. Fast from suspicion, feast on truth;
10.Fast from thoughts that weaken, feast on promises that inspire; and
11. Fast from idle gossips; feast on purposeful silence.

Need I say more? πŸ™‚

And of course, before I forget: let us fast from NEGATIVES, and feast on POSITIVES!

“… fast from NEGATIVES, and feast on POSITIVES!”

You hit the nail right on the spot! Until we started this new “challenge”, we wouldn’t have been able to realize how much negativity we spew freely. It comes out so naturally that we find it quite an effort to say positive things.

It’s a good (re)learning experience for the four of us.

How nice and creative! I like this idea of teaching children and adults as well the significance of positive attitude. Keep it up!

We had to make the rules very simple and fun to make the “learning” more enjoyable. Otherwise, they would just be lukewarm about it. πŸ˜€

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You’re right it is going to be hard at first but will definitely have positive effects in the long run. Great idea!

very positive values to emulate! what if, instead of doing it only during the Holy Week, family should do it more often? it’s worth a try in my family as well. Happy Easter!

Well I dont have a certain traditions to uphold during the Holy Week but the rules you just made are pretty nice and quite effective to teach the children to be more optimistic

Thanks for the invitation! Though I must admit, I’m not a gifted writer, I just registered at your site. Will send you an email soon. πŸ˜‰

Thanks! It is really something that even the adults should get used to πŸ˜€

We plan to do it until long after the Holy Week. Happy Easter!

It’s our own little way… πŸ˜‰

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