Black Saturday 2007

Posted on: April 7, 2007

Our cook and all-around househelp went home to nurse her health. She’s been advised to rest so as not to aggravate her thyroid problem. We are now left with just the nanny who’s also doubling up as all-around househelp.

Our stop-gap solution:
1. Jerry takes over the kitchen.
2. I take care of Jake.
3. Matt washes the dishes.
4. Kyle cleans up after his mess.
5. We have our laundry professionally cleaned.

Well, I guess we’re managing… 😀

To avoid having to clean up, we all went to spend most of the day out of the house. In the morning, we tried to drive to the Celestial Gardens on the hills of Banawa to check out the life-size statues of the Stations of the Cross. There must have been a big crowd who went on a pilgrimage to the site yesterday (Good Friday) as it was littered with all sorts of wrappers and food debris! What a disappointing sight…

We decided to just go back to the place some other time when it’s not the Holy Week. Perhaps it would be a lot cleaner. Driving down back on the road, we decided to just have our lunch in the mall. Chowking was our first choice for their Salo-salo meals only to be told they just have about 5 items available on the menu. Oh well… Out we went to try our luck at Harbor City…

The food outlet was packed as if the whole Chinese community decided to converge to the place… We were lucky to be seated right away.


As usual, the time spent wiping out all evidence of food was much less than the wait. Trust Matt and Kyle (and soon Jake) to do the “clean up” in just a few minutes. To work the calories off, gained from the rich dimsum for lunch, we stopped by the cellphone shops. I was about ready to relinquish my present Sony Ericsson W800i in favor of Matt as I promised to give it to him if he gets back to the top 10 of his class.

The year-round sale is on (yey me! hehehe) and I was (almost) willing to get lured into buying the Sony Ericsson W710i. I didn’t want it for the form factor but more for the features it offered. It was very much like my present one plus added features that I sort of liked: a calorie counter (yeah right) and a pedometer (nyahaha!).

After some thought, my good sense prevailed (thankfully!). I couldn’t stop thinking about it though, which is actually a bad sign. Oh well… Note to self: “Delay gratification!”

We drove to Mama Sol’s to get Mamarazzi. By the time we got there, Jake was already asleep. Perfect! We spent an hour driving leisurely to the South Reclamation Project (SRP) and back. Then went to show Ma what used to be Kawit Islet but is now connected to the SRP, the Malacanang of the South and finally stopped at Fort San Pedro.

It was here that we spent much time taking pictures of everyone and videos of Jake as he chased all the pigeons away (funny sight!).

By 530pm we were on our way to Ma. Luisa for a visit to the boys’ A-ma. It was a short meeting between the two grannies (my Ma and Jerry’s mom) after a long time. We left the kids for about an hour, stayed at Bo’s Coffee Club in Banilad Town Center, dropped Ma off to Sto. Nino and went back for the kids.

Back home by 8pm, we gathered around the dinner table to partake of the mouth-watering Sr. Pedro roasted chicken (which we hurriedly bought on the way), and finished off our meal with pieces of ponkan for dessert.

That was how our Black Saturday went. Mind sharing yours?


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Who are those two mestizas posing for posterity?

I could hardly recognize one beautiful lady at right because she does not look lke her age. Honest! 🙂

Please send her back to Manila ASAP. I already miss her A REAL LOT! Ang aking PAGDURUSA–talo pa ang celebration of the triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday).

Buti na lang it is now Easter Sunday! The Lord is risen. Let’s rejoice and be glad!

Ahem! Tinatanong pa ba kung sino ang mga mestiza’s na yan? Hahaha! Di ba bagay lang sila sa Spanish vintage relic (the fort) na yan? Naks… Sumakay naman sa bola no?

Don’t worry, Ma is flying back to Manila with Jerry na. Tuloy na naman ang roller-coaster days / excitement nyo. Hehehe… 😀

Make your Mamarrazzi’s arrival so soon. You know too well that WAITING is more TORMENTING than TORMENT itself! 🙂

Your dad is such a romantic guy! I love how he misses your mom. That is sweet! Wish you and you family a Happy Easter season. May the peace and grace of Jesus Christ be with you today and in the days to come.

She’ll be there na before you know it… 😉

Hehehe…. even after 40 years, mabola pa din si Paparazzi. 😀

that was a great saturday–you were able to do a lot of things. as for us, whole of saturday, kids were asleep, they woke up at 4 pm, then we attended easter vigil service at the Gesu church in Ateneo, so solemn! belated happy easter!

Hey Linnor

Thanks for dropping by my blog,I loved reading your entries too…:) Happy Easter!!! Take care xx

hi linnor. spent the whole day at costabella beach resort. ganda pala dun. marti had a great time! dami kasi nilang pools.

what Saturday? I think we skipped the whole wekeend as we had a lot of things to do – hopefully the Lord is pleased with them.

hi Mommy Linnor! what an “exclusive” spending of the Lent you and your family had. even though we can’t deny it that househelps really lightens our loads of chores at home, sometimes it’s but Ok if we have “exclusive” moments with the whole family. it’s also a good way to train kids to do household chores too.

as for me and my family, we spent the Lent quite Ok too. we’ve had very meaningful reflections.

this is kinda out of topic but i tagged you in my entry on seven songs from the heart (pls see my entry on 05 April), i hope you can play along, no need to rush. 🙂

have a wonderful week ahead.

Hi Linnor. Came here via Pinoy Moms. Glad to know that you took advantage of the break to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your family. Take care!

You must have stayed up late on Good Friday:D. I haven’t gone on an Easter vigil service. We’ll try with the kids next time. Happy Easter!

Thanks for returning the favor! 😉

I have you and a friend saying positive things about Costabella. Curious tuloy ako puntahan this summer. Nice to know Marti enjoyed the beach.

I felt you were really busy. I didn’t see you update your blog during the weekend. I’m sure the Lord was pleased about your weekend activities.

I’m glad my kids are willing to take on some responsibilities when needed. Kaso, I have to really assign them to do things, since they are not too keen to do the chores voluntarily. Hehehe… I hope it changes over time.

I will check out the tag. 😉

Nice to know you enjoyed the pics. Squeezing in some quality time is a regular pursuit for this family. The 5-day break was a good chance to do it. 😀

hi Linnor,

I’ve been checking your blog regularly for news about home. I haven’t been home in 5 years and I have to say looking at pictures of Cebu is really making me homesick! Thanks!

Now I have more reason to post pics of Cebu. Not to make you homesick though 😀 but to remind Cebuanos outside of Cebu how lovely “home” is.

Thanks for regularly checking me out. Always feel free to comment as well.

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