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Posted on: April 11, 2007

– We now have a new house help. Yay!
– Our house renovation is almost done.
– Our office renovation is 90% completed. Target move-in date is in a week’s time.
– Our loan from Mama Sol is already FULLY PAID (just a few more loans to pay off).
– The family had a 4-day Manila trip and stayed overnight in La Luz, San Juan, Batangas together with Manila colleagues.
– We will be going to Bohol this coming weekend for our company outing.

There are still more to happen (which I will mention in a later post)!

Things are definitely looking up this side of Cebu! 😉

How about in your part of the world? Highlight what recently happened to you. Or better yet, is there something you’re looking forward to?


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a lot from this end:
1. all the things i listed down are now DONE
2. classes are eating much of my time
3. our advocacy is not just crawling but in full blast

I’m not surprised to know you’ve done all your “to-do” items. I wish I were as focused as you. Kaya let me add to your list, on the medium-term… How about the resthouse in Siargao? When you’re in town, let’s pay the place a visit?

looking forward to lots of sleep this weekend 🙂 i’m so tired na cuz. kita mo naman gano na ako kalaki.

had my prenatal check this morning, di maganda yong result. my BP has gone up. i’ll be on a strict no-salt diet starting today. 35 weeks pa lang ako.

Hmm… the strict no-salt diet will do you good… Konting tyaga na lang Cuz, it’s for you and Marti’s baby bro’s welfare din.

When I delivered 3-year old Jake, he was 34-35 weeks old lang…. I’m praying your bub gets to wait till close to 40 weeks para mas assured tayo of his good health. 😉

Take care!

i am very happy for all the positive things happening in your life! yehey! so much to be thankful for!

i do not really have a list of expectations–with a family as large as mine, i can only live by the day. i live in blind faith, and the Lord has been sooo good to me and my family!

Linnor, did you guys decide to renovate your current place or did you decide to buy that very nice apartment (the one in your flickr acct?).

Your lives are really hopping these days!

that’s great to hear. 🙂 i’m also looking forward to sleeping this weekend. hehe

Thanks! I have this semi-permanent smile on my face. Hehehe.

Living in blind faith is something I should try, I’m always guided by a plan. And when things don’t go according to plan, there’s option B and C. 😀 OC no?

It’s not the one on my flickr account because it was way above our means. We got another townhouse for half the price. 🙂 I’ll post the pics as soon as renovation is done. Really excited about it.

Hehehe…. Sleep is always something I look forward to as well. I wonder if age has something to do with it. 😛

thanks cuz. yon na nga daw eh, kahit 38-39 weeks lang.

Don’t worry Cuz, lapit na 😉

things are definitely moving up for you and your family!!! that’s great! you are BLESSED!

so you guys will be moving in to the new house soon?

Yup yup yup! 🙂 I could hardly wait…

congrats on everything! there’s more? looking forward to it! 🙂

as for me, i’m looking forward to the weekend. there’s going to be a gathering here at our home to watch the pacquiao v. solis match. i personally do not like boxing and, eversince manny expressed his intention to enter politics, he hasn’t been one of my favorite celebrities lately but, i do look forward to eating and making chika galore with our friends. any excuse to “party” is good enough for me 🙂

Yup there’s more. Kating-kati na ako to blog about it. 😀

Uy Pacquiao vs. Solis na pala? Hehehe. Pareho tayo, not much of a boxing fan. I only watch a boxing match after knowing that Pacquiao has won. Otherwise, nakikibalita lang. I agree, boxing or no boxing, any excuse to party and chika is good. 🙂

yeheyyyyyyyyy! congrats congrats! bigger?

Only slightly bigger, but definitely nearer to our place of work. 😉

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