Just For The Sake Of…

Posted on: April 12, 2007

Everyday I stuff my laptop bag with folders containing invoices for payment processing, receipts for reimbursements, printed pages from the internet like maps and tips for our upcoming trip, bank statement for reconciliation, unread newspaper for the day, etc….

A lot of times, these papers don’t even get the chance to be taken out of my bag and looked at which I regret not doing, when I wake up the following morning. I get sidetracked by listening to my boys’ stories about their activities for the day, by watching Jake’s antics the moment he sees me walk in the door, by watching Sanjaya on American Idol or Grey’s Anatomy, by going online, by dinner, and (gasp!) by the junk food…

Why do I keep doing this? Hehehe…It’s a lost cause, isn’t it?

Have you (ever) tried bringing home some paperwork hoping to be able to get something done? How did you fare?


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well… right now, i actually work from/at home so di ako maka-relate heehee! pero seriously, way back when i was still working, i tried bringing home stuff to work on at home. pero like you, i never got around to doing them (madaming distractions!). so i took heed of a friend’s advice and just stopped doing it. she said, we all need a delineation of where work stops and where the home begins (and vv) – and that should be The Bundy Clock. as soon as you punch out for the day, 100% home na dapat both body and mind, not because we owe it to our family but because we owe it to ourselves to have fun and relax with the ones we love. so hayun, it helped me not stress myself out to much plus i had more time to focus on the family. worked for me šŸ™‚

Yup good point. Oftentimes my day is muddled with home activities getting mixed up with work and vice versa. Reason: it’s the use of the laptop both at work and at home. Sometimes, while at work, I take a break by doing home stuff (balancing the budget, or paying bills online). Or when at home doing some blogging (hopping or writing), I check my work email. Vicious cycle I tell you. Hehehe…

yeah i have…and i dont end up touching it at all.. and i’ve come to realize, work stuff is during work hours(which i spend 10hours a day at and get paid too) and when im home.. im home! as in nothing to do with work! plus, i dont get paid when im home.. lol

I think I could relate to what you’re saying. It’s like when I pack my bags as I knock off from work, I bring whatever I can hoping to cover more. Then when I get home, I take it easy, relax and rationalize na I don’t have to do these paperwork since I’m already home. Hehehe… Wala lang. Maybe force of habit?

hi Linnor! i used to be so so workaholic and most often bring paperwork at home. but that was before I had my son.

now that I am a Mom, its the other way around.
– i use my Office PC to do my personal digiscraps of Nico (that, aside from blogging and bloghopping);
– i am on a telebabad when at the Office talking to my son on the other line,
– i’m usually out of the office at lunchbreaks to pay due bills, buy grocery items such as nappies and milk;
– and worst, i bring my son to the Office at times there was no one to look after my son back at home, hence, i ended up not accomplishing my workloads at all. šŸ™‚

i hope my Boss won’t be able to read this. šŸ™‚

the only paper i have in my home office is tissue paper…its semi-paper less i should say…

bills are paid as soon as they arrive, trashmail are trashed if; those with my name, shredded to bits, and the receipts, if they are tax deductible kept for next years’ tax prep.

so when i see paper lying around, it has to go to these places : post office, trash bin or shredder. tapos!

I used to do that too… and like Meeya, wala din akong nagagawa sa bahay because of the kids.

That’s exactly what I meant by having my day all muddled… Hahaha! Before the new househelp arrived, I would also bring one of my sons to the office to lessen the mess at home. Hahaay…

I find it quite a challenge to separate work from the home tasks.

Nice to know it’s a complete 180 degree change for you. šŸ˜€

Hey, First-in-first-out pala ang style mo. That’s another good idea. On some days I should try that. Most days kasi I stuff all incoming paperwork to their respective folders and sometimes end up forgetting to do them. Ngeks!

Don’t worry if you backslide on some days… Marami na pala tayo. Hehehe…

I was just musing about this during our Easter Break. Ayokong nag-uuwi ng laptop but I did & I was really hoping to get some work done during the 4-day break. Asa pa. I enjoyed my family’s time instead – barbecue galore, and movie marathon with hubby.

Kaka-guilty nilalagpas-lagpasan ko lang yung laptop the entire time!

Bringing home some work is more for peace of mind, knowing that when the desire to do it catches on, it’s just inside our bag. Hehehe… But like I said, that is if ever the desire to do it catches on nga lang….

I would end up pinching myself and scolding myself on why I didn’t do what I was supposed to be doing.. I then try not to do it the next time.. I don’t run out of next times…hehehe…

i was always with my laptop… but that was pre-Louna time. not anymore. if i have urgent things to do, i stay longer at work… and with her around, anyways, i couldnt do anything on computers, she wants to chat herself… i think ill do your method (finding some old keyboards or some dummy ones hehe).. para tig isa na kami šŸ˜‰

At last I can breathe a sight of relief — I AM NOT ALONE!!!!
Have a great weekend, Linnor!

So true, so true. I’m a SAHM but whenever we travel I will stuff things into my laptop bag and say that I will try to do some paperwork but I end up not opening the bag at all until we get back.

Yup, there’s always that regret of not being able to do what I was intending to do. šŸ˜€

Hahaha! You may start with dummy cellphones for Louna. That should keep her attention for some time. šŸ˜‰

Yey! And I thought I was weird for doing it. My hubs shakes his head everytime I stuff my laptop with work and end up not doing anything…

Marami na talaga tayo!

Isa pa yun, even when travelling, I’d take the laptop with me din… Pampabigat ng luggage! Hehehe…

Hehehe linnor…Yes, i do that. Pabigat ng pabigat nga ang laptop bag ko eh…next time i should carry na my HR cabinet where all the backlogs age as backlogs while new ones come in….whahhhhhaaaa. Im glad to know im not the one who thinks im procrastinating…Just one who never has enough time for all that must be done….Hurray, superwomen

Coming from the same company, I’m not surprised about your overwhelming HR tasks! Hehehe… The list of to-do’s gets longer faster than it gets ticked off.

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