Ahh… Elusive Sleep?

Posted on: April 13, 2007

Not for Jake and certainly not for me…. Sleep is our friend…

photo courtesy of 13 year old son, Matt

The sleep of a laboring man is sweet. – Bible, Ecclesiastes v. 12.
Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night. – Unkown

Do you have a hard time sleeping? 😀

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hi! i don’t normally have problems sleeping but lately i’ve been up all hours. good thing weekend is here so i can catch up 🙂

mukhang mahimbing tulog niyo ni jake ah. 🙂

Ay naku! Sobrang antukin ako. Di nga effective ang coffee sa akin eh.

That stolen shot was taken while we were “supposedly” watching the television…. Buti di nahulog ang bugoy. 😀

heheeh..huli si mommy and bunso!=)

i dont… as soon as i put my head on my pillow…tulog na ko!hehehe

Being every inch a human person, I easily go to sleep because doing so I avoid committing sin! Or simply put—When one goes to sleep, he does not commit sin!

And that’s one surest way of going to Heaven. Amen? 🙂

too tired to remove thy glasses… but well, i have to admit that i start to doze off infront of the TV too..

Snapshot of you and Jake sleeping is so precious! I had several shots similar to it with my son (and also with him and his dad, with grandpa and with grandma). Those precious moments never grow old. I also like your dad’s rational about sleep. I never thought of it that way.

i have a hard time going to sleep, kahit na pagod na ako.

i envy my husband who can sleep anytime and anywhere and in any position [kahit na nakaupo kaya niyang matulog]!

nagmana yata si Matt sa tito junnie niya, magaling na photographer. he got an eye for capturing precious moments.

aba! buti di ka nakadilat sa picture 🙂

naku si Matthew, renaissance man, magaling na ring magpicture…or mama, magaling umarteng tulog hehehe

ahhh…sleep is my most favorite activity. i’d even miss my favorite TV shows, shopping and ignore everyone basta datnan ng antok (sayang, kung pwede rin ito gawin pag nasa work). either i have to be really sleepy to fall into slumber, or i have to be really comfortable. hindi ako yung masandal lang, tulog na. asawa ko yun! hahaha, hindi namimili.

naku, hindi! i can easily sleep kahit nakaupo. yon ngang problema ko na baka di ako magising when the baby cries 🙂 unless pala something’s bothering me.

sweet dreams 🙂

I’ve been sleep deprived lately… I’ve been catching zzz’s whenever I can.

I can only sleep when really tired on my sofa or on the drive home as a passenger. Otherwise, it has to be on my nice and warm bed.

Ang sarap naman ng tulog niyo.

I don’t have trouble sleeping. Kahit saan nakakatulog ako. Hehehe.

ay. sleeping is also my entry today…nahawa ata ako sa iyo 🙂

Pareho tayo, masandal lang… makakatulog na.

Hahaha! We have better chances of going to heaven pala! 😀

Sometimes I fall asleep in my office wear! Midnight na ako magigising to change and freshen up. That is kung magigising. 😛

I think I should post sleep shots more often pala…. Daming stolen…

Paparazzi justifies his pagka-antukin. But I tend to agree, kasi I’m like him din – mabilis makatulog. Ergo, mabait (?).

Sometimes I wish di ako mabilis makatulog, especially if there are things I have to rush…

Nagiging official photog na rin si Matt especially during trips na kasama siya. 🙂

Oo nga, buti di kita ang puti ng mata ko… Pero di arte yan…. Talagang stolen. Hehehe…

Di natin alam yung term na “insomnia”… 🙂

It runs in the Matildo – Arreza genes… Hahaha! Mana tayong lahat kay Lola Onang.

Aw… thanks…

Hirap ng sleep-deprived… I read somewhere that it’s really hard to make up for lost sleep. But a short (power) nap is a good way to recharge.

Mas marami yata tayong madali makatulog. 😀

Hey, the family genes run in your veins too. I wouldn’t be surprised! “Mabait” ka din kasi madali ka makatulog, complete with VERY AUDIBLE snoring! 😛

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