15 Years Today

Posted on: April 19, 2007


Once in a lifetime comes a love,
So sweet, so pure, so rare;
A flashing, brilliant, blinding light,
Like a comet through the air.

A love without rhyme or reason,
That knew no space or time;
Wrapped itself around my soul,
And captured this heart of mine.

There was something there so special,
Mere words cannot explain;
The way our hearts were intertwined,
And how that still remains.

A fabric woven tightly,
Each strand a color rare;
An intricate pattern of richness,
With beauty beyond compare.

Once in a lifetime comes a love,
With no beginning or no end;
The sweetest gift I ever shared,
With my love and my best friend.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
©1995 ~ All Rights Reserved

Happy Anniversary to Jerry and me! 😀
Thanks Junnie for your anniversary post!

…at Fort San Pedro, Cebu (April 2007)

…Loboc River cruise, Bohol (April 2007)


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hi linnor. happy 15th anniversary to you and jerry! wishin’ you more years together and more blessings, too.

Happy 15th anniversary! Cheers!

More than three years ago when you toured key cities of Europe, you became pregnant with cuddly Jake. Maybe, after your 15th year wedding celebration in Singapore, you will again come home pregnant with, this time, a babbly, lovely baby girl! It is about time para meron ka tapat na si Zia! 🙂

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to the best couple I have ever known! Hope you will continue to hold hands together even after your Diamond Wedding Anniversary! 🙂

Thanks! Those are my wishes too! 😀

But we didn’t have a “bundle” when we went to the US/Canada last year…. Hehehe…

Pero…. puede din pag-isipan. Hahaha!

“…best couple I have ever known!” – Na-touch naman ako sa line na ‘to… Thanks for all the support and prayers!

nauna na ako bumati kahit di pa Apr 19 dito 🙂 i will not take it against Paparazzi in calling you the best couple he has ever known…its what birthrights provide hehehe

just the same – Happy Anniversary!

Selos ka ba sa comment ni Paparazzi? That’s what he always tells one of us pag di nakaharap yung 2. Hehehe…

Thanks! 15 years is such a blessing these days when annullment/(re)marriage is so common for the lamest of reasons.

We sure are praying for 15 more years of blissful union!

Woohoo! 15 years? As they say, time flies when you’re having FUN! You and I have worked on building our relationship despite all the quirks in life. God has always showered us with His blessings. And Matts, Kyle and Jake have always provided us with inspiration! I love you! Looking forward to the next 15 years! 😀

I think it helps when the spouse is patient and easy to love. Ikaw yung patient, ako ang easy to love! Nyahahah! Joke! The “bitter/jealous detractor-lurkers” might disagree! Hehehe. Keber! Blog ko to and “they” could all (fill in the blanks), for all I care.

Happy 15th to you and me! I love you! Mwah! 😀

(After this comment, my traffic stats would surely get spiked! Yay!)

congratulations and stay happy!

may you have 15 times 100 more years of happy togetherness!

Thanks! Ok yan, kahit amoy lupa na kami dapat kami pa rin.. Hehehehe…

uy parang hindi 15! tignan mo naman, comment-exchange pa lang dito parang newlyweds pa rin kayo, walang kupas 😀 ang sweeeet!

happy anniversary, linnor and jerry! *besos to you both*

happy anniversary to both of you 🙂

gosh, 15 years! that’s a milestone, especially, nowadays! happy anniversary to you guys. here’s to many more! 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

Ganun ba? Hahaha! Thanks *besos you back*.


Ang tanda na nameeen, another way of looking at it! Hahaha! Thanks!

i think paparazzi is wishing for a girl apo.. hmmmm.. alam mo, sarap damitan ng mga girls, tapos sarap ng girly talks (even if i still have to decode what louna says)… nakisakay daw ba kay paparazzi ehehe..

happy anniversary!

Oo nga eh. Lakas magparinig. There are times I do think it would be nice to have a girl (as if sure na girl ang bibigay no?)… especially if I look at Louna’s video clips. Parang living doll… Cute!

happy anniv! what a coincidence again,same bday of jake and my bro,we have the same anniv naman. 4th year anniv namin ni bf. god bless!

Woohoo! Congrats on the longevity. Happy Anniversary!

Happy 15th Anniversary Ms. Linnor and Jerry. Sa mga pictures ninyo, looking like “honyemooners” pa rin kayong dalawa.

15 years and sweeter than ever. Congratulations Jerry and Linnor!

Hi Jerry and Linnor,
Like Brad & Angelina, Guy & Pip (para mas lokal) you are indeed a great match! Perfect proof is in the output, i.e. the 3 “bugoys” 🙂
Happy 15th and may your union continue to be blessed through the years!

Happy 15th….

Was at Junnie’s
Opposites attract nga… You look great twogether! All the Best.

Hi, Linnor,
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you and your best friend, Jerry!!!
May you have many many many more blissful years ahead. Stay friends forever!!!
Love the poem.

Belated Happy 15th Anniversary, Linnor & Jerry!!! Wishing you years & years more of wedded bliss and blessings. God might give you a BONUS girl to be the muse of the three bugoys 🙂

Happy anniv to you too! Same dates? Uncanny!


Thanks! 😀 Ayaw pa umamin na tumatanda na, nagbibihis-bata pa.

Thanks! On to the next 15 years!

Aw… thanks! We do make the effort to stay sweet to each other no matter how difficult at times.

Thanks! That’s a good thought… If only we’re sure it would be a girl… Hehehe…

belated happy anniversary–you two looks still so much in love!

Thanks! 😀 Our union is a work-in-progress…

hi linnor and jerry! happy 15th wedding anniversary!

Thanks! Praying for the next 15 years. 😀

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