Summer 2007-Trip #3 (Bohol)

Posted on: April 26, 2007

This should have been trip #2 as it happened before Jerry and I went to S’pore. However, the recent spate of rush activities at work and at home prevented me from updating my posts promptly. Anyway…

When the Manila office went to La Luz in San Juan, Batangas for their company outing, Cebu decided to go to quiet Bohol for an overnight trip. Except for a few, all of us hauled ourselves to the pier early Saturday morning of April 14 for a Supercat trip that would take us to Tagbilaran.

Since the boat fare was only about P600 for a Cebu-Bohol-Cebu trip, Jerry and I decided to take the kids along. The three boys were all excited. 3yo Jake couldn’t stay seated and kept mingling with the office employees while on board the boat. Two hours later, we arrived and docked on the pier which was pretty small but looked newly renovated.

First stop was the food shop where we had a sumptuous seafood lunch that set the mood for this entire trip. By 1pm we were inside the coaster that took us around the sights of Bohol. Sagbayan Peak was slightly over an hour away and fortunately for us, Jake slept throughout the drive. By the time we got there, he was up and about until after we got back to the hotel after dinner.

If I completely narrate the beauty that we saw in Sagbayan, Carmen, Loboc, Baclayon, and Panglao, this entry is going to be reeealllyyy long. Let me just embed this slideshow just to give a glimpse of what Bohol could offer its visitors, but believe me the pictures don’t do justice to these faces sights!


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the pictures spoke of the beauty, but you may be right, words or pictures may not really express the beauty as seen through your eyes. still, i believe, we are so blessed–philippines is WOW!

I was actually impressed at how these tourist attractions were maintained in Bohol. It’s really worth a trip. My boys felt like it was some educational tour especially seeing the almost-extinct primate, the tarsier.

From Cebu, one could go to Bohol, see the sights and come back all in one day. 🙂

I’ve never been anywhere but manila, tagaytay, batangas and laguna… and that’s just coz i have family that lives its not really like touring the place…but coming and visiting your blog makes me want to see CEBU and now BOHOL! ang gaganda nang pinupuntahan nyo! one of this day i’ll go and visit.. what are the fares like… i mean from manila to cebu and back?

Looks like fun! You know you can really give those younger girls a run for their money! 🙂

what’s with the beauty pageant poses in front of the coffee shops…even the boys were willing to do it 🙂 not the first time for the bugoys right?

i should post Panglao Beach pics circa 1990 🙂 a good 60 lbs ago for me 🙂 (with the Chairman of the Board to boot)

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Bohol. That’s a shocker huh since it’s so close to Cebu. I should include that in our IT or how will I ever forgive myself?! BTW, I’ve been so inspired by your photoblog that I started my own “moments” (photo)blog. Hope you don’t mind.

Reminds me of my visit to Bohol 50 summers ago when I got to visit my lovely Boholana friend from Tagbilaran who later had to concede in favor of your lovelier Mom.

We went to see places like Carmen where I saw the more than 1000 “chocolate” hills from its viewing deck. If you ask me, they are more beautiful and wonderful than the Grand Canyon’s huge natural formation of cathedral of rocks. We also visited still undeveloped Panglao, the man made forest, old Church of Baclayon, boating in Loboc river and many more. ‘Em were the days, indeed!

Manila-Cebu-Manila (roundtrip) via PAL could range from 4k to 8k depending on the availability of discounted flights, 8k being the regular fare. If you don’t mind the delayed flights, you could get it a few hundreds lower than 4k if you take Cebu Pacific ;).

Hehehe… ‘kaka-flatter naman…. 🙂 Thanks!

That beauty pageant pose was taken while we were checking-in and waiting for our rooms to be ready. Walang magawa… Hehehe.

Some of us are actually first timers to Bohol. Kaya masaya! Authentic tourists kami especially around the tiny tarsiers.

Let’s see the circa ’90s pics you took in Panglao. 😀

That’s exactly how I felt. Now that we had this chance, we really had to bring the kids with us for their own “educational tour”. Even if I had to pay extra, it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. :). It was money well spent.

A-HA! So I unwittingly triggered your nostalgia trip back to your younger days.

It’s good to know that the natural wonders of Bohol are still well-maintained for our generation to appreciate. But there are also new sights to see. You should go back there, this time with Mamarazzi naman ;).

ok, i’ll keep that in mind… but when that day comes, i’ll get some pointers and suggestions on where hubby and i should go=)

thanks in advance…hehehe

Sure! Keep me posted if and when you and hubs do visit. 🙂

those are some nice pictures

Thanks! Glad you liked them 😉

Linnor, my husband is from Bohol. My eldest daughter (11yo) looks forward to vacationing there every year and she along with my MIL and several cousins sometimes stay there for three weeks. This year though they are unsure because there’s a family member’s wedding coming up, its election time (my hubby’s uncle is running again for office in Panglao) and their school starts June 6, so everyone’s quite busy.

The children looked happy!

Oh yes, May is particularly busy for Bohol as their fiesta also happens to be celebrated on this month. Now with the coming elections (also) in May, I’m sure it’s going to be doubly busy for the people of Bohol. 🙂

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