A rolling stone…

Posted on: May 6, 2007

…gathers no moss. That’s an old proverb that means a person who moves about a great deal and never settles down anywhere will not do well. That probably held true in the 1500s, about the same time this proverb was first recorded. However, in this global age, staying put could very well prove to be more detrimental to a person.

During our first 7.5 years together, we stayed with my mom-in-law, occupying a mere bedroom with a toilet/bath. It started sparse but slowly got filled. What started with just Jerry and me on 1 bed then, became Jerry, me, Matt, Kyle and the nanny on 3 beds and a crib. By the time we were able to purchase our 1st property, a condo in Guadalupe, our room was bursting with our things and baby paraphernalia.

MIL must have been proud of her son, my hubs, for finally being able to “live on his own” and rear a growing family. Jerry then was just making a meager income from a distribution company that more often than not, fell short of our basic needs. It was a managerial position that paid lower than a call-center agent’s wage. It was just not enough for a family of 4 plus nanny and house help. But Jerry loved the job and put in more hours than anybody in that company ever did.

It was something that my MIL took notice of, and probably made her think of ways to help her hardworking son. When we moved 7.5 kilometers away from her house, she made it a point to always send her driver to bring us food, everyday! Nakakainggit ano? πŸ˜› I digress.

7.5 years (this magical number again :)) later, we found ourselves in a parallel situation. A big move was in the horizon. And it couldn’t have come at the most appropriate time! Our condo was up for sale even if there was initially no plan to move. We just wanted to cash in and pay off our obligations from the profit without actually looking for a new place. Though we looked at a few properties, we were in no hurry. Priority was to be finally debt-free.

I guess God had other BETTER plans for us which makes me think we must have done a lot of good things to deserve this. (Frenemy will smirk now and roll her eyes when she sees this.) Hee! Long story short, the heavens conspired for us to be able to acquire a new place again. Yun lang!

And now I’m here sitting in my new dining room/kitchen partly in disbelief that we have actually moved…today… on May’s birthday (Happy birthday! Mwah!)… There are still a lot of work to be done around here… It’s not a huge manse, but enough for us to stay put and gather moss, so to speak. At least for the next 7.5 years… or less.


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wow! such a lovely home!

wow, what a blessing. God is indeed good. a home to call your own, what could be more contenting than that.

yey! congratulations on the new house! GOD IS GOOD!=)

i thought you live in cebu? or hindi ko lang alam na guadalupe is in cebu? hahaha.. sorry po…since i’ve been in the states since i was 11(17 yrs ago) hindi ko tlaga alam or maremember=/

It’s beautiful. Looks airy, modern and fresh. Congrats!

From MIL big room to a condo in Guadalupe, then to a townhouse in Banilad… This is your third and final step towards getting your mansion!

I will miss the condo. I like it and its amenities–big pools, modern elavators from the ground floor to the 10th, enough parking spaces for homeowners, beautiful garden around the Complex and courteous security guards,good view of the mountain of Cebu and lots of fresh air, among others.

Mamarazzi and I will be there for the blssing. But up to now, we have not yet received the invitation.

Thanks! I have to do some more fixing-up. πŸ™‚

Exactly my thought!

Awesome GOD indeed!

Yes you’re right, Guadalupe is in Cebu. Sorry for the confusion. Hehehe…

Thanks! I’m excited to execute a few design ideas in mind to make it more homey πŸ˜‰

You mean, final na ito tapos yung next mansion na? Sana nga! Hahaha!

I do miss our condo. The last night we spent there I was kinda having mixed thoughts. It was a really happy place and made even merrier/noisier whenever you, Mamarazzi, Junnie/Mitzi, May/Rommel/Zia were around to stay with us.

Haay those were the days…. Now, I feel a bit “sad” tuloy. But I’m consoled with the thought that the new owner, a dentist-friend of ours will take good care of it.

You’re all invited to the blessing! Final date will just be announced in a few days. Hehehe.

Happy Birthday May!
Happy New House te Linnor!
Happy biyahe ng biyahe Mama and Paparazzi πŸ™‚

I guess everyone’s happy…that’s good. nothing to be distressed for me from this faraway land…hehehe

Happy happy talaga! πŸ˜€

Hope you get the chance to travel soon para reunion ulit tayo…

…in our new townhouse. πŸ˜‰

i love the two-toned walls! enjoy the move and the new home, linnor!

It’s like the 1st time we moved. We’re all excited! πŸ™‚ Kakapagod din. Hehehe.

Your home is beautiful! Congratulations.

Hi Linnor. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your lovely new home. Thanks for sharing about your previous living arrangements and how you have fulfilled another great goal in your life. Hope that good tidings will come to your new home. Take care. Thanks for visiting earlier.

oh it’s not coz of you kaya ako confused…hahaha..for some reason i thought guadalupe is in manila somewhere=)

Moving is hard work, tedious and a pain in the neck; been there and done that. But in your case it’s “labor of love” and so it is worth it. Congratulations on your new abode. I’m sure y’all are excited.

Wow! It’s a different feeling to be able to call a home your own. Congratulations to you and J!

congratulations…i know it feels just so good πŸ˜€

congrats sis! your new home is so lovely! πŸ™‚ alam mo, nung iniwan din namin ni hubby yung rented condo namin (of one year lang!) to move to the US, para kaming mga baliw na lumuluha nung last time na isasara na namin yung pinto. so i know how you must have felt saying goodbye to a place that gave you lots of good memories. pero syempre as with every goodbye, laging may new beginning. so, may this new beginning gather for you fresh moss (the good kind!) aplenty πŸ˜‰

Thanks thanks!

It was my pleasure! That’s actually my goal – to share bits about us thru this photoblog, no matter how trivial it may seem to others. Hehehe. Thanks for appreciating!

Sabagay, there’s a Guadalupe in Makati. Hehehe…

You’re absolutely right! I never realized until now how much junk we have accumulated over the years! Hahaha. We’re still in the process of sorting what stays and what’s not to keep.

Thanks Tones. We never tried renting. We’ve always agreed on amortizing for a property than spending on rent. It truly inspires us to do our best at work para makabayad. πŸ˜‰

Totoo yan… Ang sarap ng feeling. πŸ˜€

Thanks sis! Tama ka, it felt bittersweet letting go of something so good even though there’s something new and better in its place. I think ganun talaga… πŸ™‚

Wow what an impressive house πŸ™‚
It looks like your work is cut out for you, time to decorate.

Daming boxes to unpack! Argh… Hehehe… But decorating this new “baby” will surely lift my spirits. πŸ˜€

Happy New Home Linnor! It’s a beautiful place.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the weekend to unpack a lot more things. Hehehe….

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