Patty In Cebu

Posted on: May 11, 2007

Patty in Cebu
Patty and daughters with me and Jerry at Abuhan Tres

Patty is one of my good friends/classmate from highschool at De La Salle Zobel. She’s the athletic type who used to be a varsity player in volleyball and track & field (if my memory serves me right, hehe…) and a consistent honors class student.

When we stayed for after school practices (volleyball, group singing etc), she would readily offer to drive us home. (That’s right, she drove a car. Cool?) And everytime she did, our knuckles would hurt as we gripped hard on anything to keep us steady. And in chorus we would cry “Patttyyyy, ang bilis mo namannn…”. She was “kaskasera” back in those days (a long long time ago in the 80s) when the Zapote-Alabang road was not yet congested.

In college, we all went our separate ways with some of my friends taking up medicine, (Patty is one of them), while some, Engineering or Accountancy (like myself). Some migrated to other countries while some stayed put. Patty remained in Cavite, I moved to Cebu.

To Patty, 3 paragraphs na ito… dami ko pang gusto i-kwento like lovelife… etc…. Hahaha… Wag na lang no?

Last Wednesday, after a diving trip in Malapascua for a few days with her (equally adventurous and athletic) daughters, we had lunch at the IT Park. It was really good seeing her and her daughters. It felt like the old times. Not that we’re old, we just don’t want to admit that. Masakit ba magpa-botox sayo, Dr. Patty? (Does it hurt to have botox injections?) Hehehe… Though a lot have changed for both of us since highschool, we still remain like we were before – good friends to the end.

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you know me, i look at pictures in blogs that i visit. one thing i noticed, other than Patty being prettier as she is getting older (one of my friends was one of her lucky boyfriends then), was that the picture in abuhan 3 was taken on the same day as your previous blog entry di ba? or favorite mo lang ang pink?

as in pretty in pink? šŸ˜› (80s din naman itong entry e)

Nope to both your questions. Hehehe. The pic on my post prior to this, I was actually wearing lavender. On this one however is, you’re right, pink.

There must be something with pink, I have it in all shades, pati hot pink/fuchsia pink meron din.

Patty used to be on the chubby side back in the 80s (I make that sound too long ago, don’t I?) when I was super thin (hindi naman uso ang patpat noon). Now it’s the other way around. Ayayay!

How fun it is to be with old buddies, isn’t it? No question about the nostalgic feeling you and Patty must have felt during your rendezvous. I can just imagine you two giggling and laughing to your hearts content while reminiscing those good old days. By the way, pink is the hottest color in fashion these days. Everytime I go to a golf clothes store, I see pink all over, and fuchsia too.

Oh we were really giggling like school girls everytime we recall those fun moments. Her daughters even found us hilarious. šŸ˜€

I better stock up on pink tops in different styles pala. Hehehe…

oh you lived in zapote…that’s bacoor right?

kami naman lived in bacoor from the time i was 6-11yo. but now our family house (mom bought about 5yrs ago) is in Tanza, but Cavite pa rin… mas tahimik daw kasi pag away sa manila! pero grabeeee ah ang LAYO naman sa lahat! hahaha

Your good friend’s Mom is also a very good friend and officemate of your Uncle Art at the Bureau of Customs.They were both officers there.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and Patty. Also to your beloved hubs who made both of you full-fledged and hands-on Moms! šŸ™‚


I’m amazed you still remember those details!!! Galing!

Thanks! Kiss and hug Ma for me!

We lived in Las Pinas near the municipal building. We are closer to Zapote than to the famous Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church.

Thanks! šŸ™‚

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