A Star is Born!

Posted on: May 18, 2007

Among my sons, I’ve always thought of Kyle as being the shy type. He’s one who doesn’t easily warm up to a new acquaintance. When asked to perform in school, he would be one of those who would strategically position himself near the back making it difficult for me to snap a decent photo.

So when he was invited by Mr. Suralta, his former class adviser, to join this summer’s theater class, I didn’t think he’d be interested. Basketball might interest him or swimming or any other sport perhaps, but theater? I didn’t think so. He’d rather loaf at home playing the PS2 or the computer.

But when I saw that momentary gleam in his eyes when he asked our permission if he could join, I thought it was a good activity for him to engage in. Practices were to be held in school and the best part is, the adviser, said it was for free. Hehehe…

On the day of the performance, I almost expected Kyle to squeak his lines and be visibly conscious. Practice is different from live acting in front of an audience after all.

My worries were easily put to rest when I saw him onstage. He looked confident and natural in delivering his lines, much to my surprise! His face was expressive, he knew his blocking, he danced, he sang… It was just surreal for me.

I went to Marcelo Fernan Theatre, with the rest of the family, really curious at how Kyle would fare as a theatre actor. I left the theater with a lot of pride knowing that Kyle, my shy boy, could really act.

Here are some photos of High School Musical where Kyle played as one of Troy Bolton’s buddies, Chad Danforth. He’s the one wearing an unbuttoned polo over a blue shirt.

22 Responses to "A Star is Born!"

ay pa-autograph! hehehe. congrats kyle! proud na proud ang mommy ha? πŸ™‚ sis, mukhang kailangan mo na i-practice ang stage mothering skills… what’s next? repertory? broadway? πŸ˜€

Hahaha! Ay sinabi mo, proud na proud ako especially when I saw him speaking his lines loud and clear. Stage mom in the making na nga yata ako. πŸ˜€

naku nakaka sense ako that there’s a stage mother in the house here. syempre proud ang Mommy. πŸ™‚ keep up the good work Kyle!

BTW, i so so love High School Musical πŸ™‚

I think Jake was the noisiest fan of Kyle that evening. For one, he really likes High School Musical and two, he was shocked to see his Di-Hia on stage! Great Job Kyle!

you must be so damn proud. ear to ear ang smiles?

Naku… napaghahalata na pala! πŸ˜€

I’ve seen the tv version of High School Musical and we all loved it. Even 3yo Jake will mimic the songs… “We’re all in this together!”

I think if there’s one natural singer/actor in the family- it’s Jake! Mas makapal kasi sya and di nahihiya! Hahaha…

Of course! Pero wag ka, kabado din sa start. Hehehe…

wow! congratssssssssssss!

A STAR IS BORN indeed! another thing to add sa list of ACCOMPLISHMENTS.. you and hubs are so very proud of your boys tlga!=)

Thanks! Hehehe… It’s reassuring to know that meron pa siyang ibang talent other than being athletic. πŸ™‚ Makes him a well-rounded boy.

naku, umpisa na yan… papayagan mo bang mag artista yan kung sakasakali?

Hmmm…. If the price is right,why not? Joke! Hehehe… Pero I always kid him about wanting him to be a commercial model. Sabi ko sana makita ko ang mukha ng kids ko one of these days sa billboard! Hahaha! Illusyonada ba?

Kyle has learned to project himself on stage. Acting takes courage and so no doubt that the experience has given him a confidence booster. The ‘shy’ kid came out of his shell, you suppose? Being a part of the USJ-R Dramatics Guild was one of my best and memorable experiences in high school. Hope Kyle continues to enjoy stage performances. That is so cool!

Wow, that’s cool. Hope he will be able to continue with this craft. Cheers!

I agree that the short theater stint Kyle had, had worked wonders in boosting his confidence. If he plans to join a similar activity in the future, I’d definitely encourage him to do so. πŸ™‚

Hehehe… Maybe this is a start…

may 20, 2007
feast of the ascension


matthew did well also in his two school plays: “sa kaharian ng araw” and ” ibong adarna.”

in “sa kaharian ng araw” he played the villain, “hari ng dilim” and he did well. he even stole the limelights from the main characters, hehehe. too bad i forgot to invite the parents, tsk tsk.

in “ibong adarna” he played the main charater, the prince and this time he stole the hearts of the girls in the auditorium, hehehe. their group won first place and i guess matt also got best actor award.

i’m proud for kyle. too bad i wasn’t able to go to the play due to flu, anyhow, is he going to first year HS na ba coz i’ll be handling all the first year students this coming school year?

God bless.

br. jeff, sj

ok, so who’s genes did that come from?

but research shows that generations improve as they evolve…this was expected as gleaned from past pics of Kyle being so expressive and theatrical in his ways…he really has the moves back then

That is so nice and High School Musical is indeed one of my fave teen musical films around

Hello! 13yo Matt was indeed very active in the 2 plays that he joined last school year. I guess he was just too modest to tell us about how he did in his plays. Buti na lang the “Best Actor” award is proof of his accomplishment. He must have really studied his part well since delivering the lines in Pilipino made it more challenging for him being more accustomed to speaking in English and Cebuano.

Kyle will be in Grade 5 this coming school year. Sayang, 2 years pa before he gets to high school. I hope you’re still around by then. Matt had very good stories about you and your advisory class. πŸ™‚ I could see he enjoyed his 1st year in high school. πŸ˜€

Hehehe…. Anomaly ba since nobody in the family had any theatrical inclination?

Like you said, Kyle is the artist in the family with painting awards to his name. So I guess you’re right, theater is also another form of artistic expression.

Buti pa siya, ako I’d die if made to speak to a crowd. Hahaha!

I’m glad there are still wholesome films for kids. Hehehe… I love the upbeat songs of High School Musical. Even 3yo Jake couldn’t help but dance & mimic the lyrics when he hears the songs.

wow, im so glad for your son, he has discovered one of his passions. you must be so proud! go go go, kyle!

It really came as a surprise for all of us. πŸ™‚

sometimes, without knowing it, our kids have talents that we do not know existed. we can help out by encouraging them.

i am the exact opposite of my kids–they go for dance, music, theater, instruments, which i do not have any talent for.

I agree. It’s only now at 10yo when Kyle has manifested an inclination to enjoy the theater. And I always thought he just wanted sports. Haay, I better be keen on their other potential talents. πŸ™‚

Pareho tayo, I don’t have any talent in dance, music or theater…

nice! i’m gonna make my own blog

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