Zia vs. Jake

Posted on: May 23, 2007

Zia and Jake

MAIN CHARACTERS: Jake (my 3y2m-old son), Zia (my 2y8m-old niece, my sis May’s daughter)

(Jake is showing off his PS1 skills to cousin Zia as he held on to the controller while playing Crash Team Racing or CTR)
ZIA: (Slowly tries to get the controller that Jake was holding)
JAKE: Zia nooo!
ZIA: (Continues to hold on to the controller and attempts to get it)
JAKE: I said NO! Argh!!!
ZIA: Aahh!!!
(May and I rush to stop the two from fighting)

(Zia tries to plug the controller into one of the slots of the PS1)
ME: Zia… (I try to distract her from plugging)
ZIA: (Plugs, then unplugs, then plugs the controller to the slot)
ME: (To Zia’s mom) May, baka masira yung PS1 or baka makuryente si Zia (May, she might wreck the PS1 or she might get grounded)
MAY: Zia… Zia!…ZIA!!!
ZIA: (Unplugs the controller and walks to Jake) Jake, o, saksak mo…. (“Jake, you plug it”)

MAY: Ate Tata, pahiram naman ng extra slippers si Zia (Sis, can you lend Zia a pair of extra slippers?)
ME: Walang extra si Jake. Gamitin na lang ni Zia yung blue slippers, Jake will use the Crocs. (“Jake has no extra pair. Zia can use Jake’s blue slippers”)
ZIA: (Wears the blue slippers)
JAKE: Hey, that’s mine! (excuse the wrong grammar)
(A scuffle ensues. I run to Jake while May runs to Zia.)
ME: Jake… Jake… be a good boy. Let Zia borrow.
JAKE: (In a loud tone) Zia, borrow only HA!

JAKE: (Inside the boys’ room with 10yo Kyle)
ZIA: (Gets out of the masters’ bedroom and wears Jake’s blue slippers)
JAKE: Zia nooo! That’s Jacob (excuse the grammar)
ZIA: (Runs back to the masters’ bedroom)
JAKE: (Runs after Zia) ZIA!!!
ZIA: (Continues running and bangs the door)
JAKE: WAAAHHH!!! (screams loud and lets out a shrill cry)
ME: OH-MY-GOD!!! (It takes me a few seconds to run from the ground to the 2nd floor. I panic as I see Jake’s face all red and his pinky finger swollen. I yell at Kyle to get some ice cubes. Kyle returns quickly. I press the ice cubes on Jake’s small hand and pinky finger.)
(Zia slowly peeks inside the room…)
ZIA: Jake?… Ipit ka? (Jake, you hurt your finger?)

ME: (I continue to apply the ice cubes wrapped in soft cellophane on Jake’s pinky finger)
JAKE: Wahhh!
ME: Awww…. these ice cubes will help take away the pain…(I try to breathe in and breathe out to calm myself)
JAKE: Waah! Ma, Jacob go. I want to “hapak” Zia. (Ma, Jacob go. I want to hit Zia)

ME: (To self) Haaay….. ang kukuliiittt!!!

JAKE: Waah!!!
ZIA: WAAAH!!! (May apparently scolds and punishes her daughter.)

MAMARAZZI:(Our mom, looks on and is amused by it all) Haay… Ang sarap maging Lola. Kayo naman ngayon. Panonoorin ko na lang kayo maging-Mama. (“I’m glad I’m now a grandma. It’s your turn now. I’ll just sit here and watch you become Moms.)


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ouch!!!! poor jakeeeeee=(

pero natatawa ako… smart kids ah!=)

All these happened just this morning! Riot, grabe!

Those two little rascals! They are soooooo cute. Never a dull moment, di ba?

Hahah! At least Mamarazzi’s enjoying herself! πŸ™‚

You should have seen my little cousins when they were younger…much more chaotic.

ouch! poor Jake! i’m sure they will have lots of witty and kulitan exchanges if they spend more time together.

joskoday riot!! deceiving ha! mukhang magkasundo sila sa pic, pero sa personal, aso’t pusa πŸ˜€

Haay… One minute they’re sweet to each other, the next minute they go on a shouting match!

I think Mamarazzi is reminded of our own “kakulitan” back in those days many years ago…

Parang nato-trauma kami ni May, hahaha!

Korek! Feeling ko nadagdagan ang puti ng buhok ko. Ahahay!

hahaha! natawa ako sa mama mo. oo nga naman, graduate na siya dyan πŸ˜€

Parang di ko ma-recall if ganun kami kakulit dati. Hehehe, nagmamalinis pa no? πŸ˜€

These are the scenes that make a house a home πŸ˜€

Naaawa ako kay Jake sa minor injury niya pero natatawa ako sa kanilang dalawa! Cute! At natutuwa naman kay Mamarazzi din. Hehe.

i must say they are replaying your own scenes with May minus 25 years ago! πŸ™‚

and just like before, am just an onlooker πŸ˜›

i think this stemmed up from Jake not hugging Zia in this video

hahaha, tamang kakulin nina Jake at Zia. terrible threes and drama ng mga ito! πŸ™‚

aliw the stories!!!! πŸ˜€

hehehe..well atleast they keep their mommies on their “toes”… i remember when my kuya and i were around 6 and 8, we would fight like crazy tlga that my mom hands us each a butter knife and says… O CGE YAN MAGPATAYAN KAYO! bwahahhah.. then after that we’ll be as sweet as SUGAR! kakalokaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sabagay, but I could do without the mga injuries and stuff.. πŸ˜€

I’m very panicky when it comes to emergencies (kahit minor) like that. Haay… Grabe. Silang dalawa kasi super kulit lalo na pag nagkasama.

I don’t really recall a similar incident with May before because we are 12 years apart. Parang sa ating dalawa mas meron. Hahaha!

Korek ka dyan! Tine-test talaga nila patience mo. Sometimes I was tempted to spank. πŸ˜›

Alam mo, nakakaaliw na nakaka-tense! πŸ˜€

Reverse-psychology worked pala for you. Hehehe…


I have no more little tykes, but it sure is refreshing to see my future grandkids! Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

ako, rin, sana lola na lang ako, haha!

What a riot… comedienne ang mama nyo ha!

re: ipit
Erg I’ve seen this happen so many times during parties at friends’. Sana di naman mamatay kuko ni Jake.

You’ll probably feel the same way as Mamarazzi felt as she watched the whole chaotic spectacle.

Ayoko pa maging Lola! Hahahah!

Si Mama kasi pag hindi nagha-hands on sa pagbabantay, super passive naman. Keber kung ano na ang nangyayari, kasi alam nya nandoon lang kami ng sis ko na ready to do the disciplining…

Yikes, I hope di nga mamatay ang kuko nya. Nge.

‘te hindi rin… aso’t pusa pa rin kami up to now! hahaha… sweet lang after binigyan nang butter knife kasi ginawa lang naming sword! LOL

OUCH!! Hope he’s feeling better. We have a strict no-door-slamming policy at our home because my son broke his pinkie finger when it got slammed in the door. It went completely flat and I get chills just remembering it.

BTW Thanks for the sweet birthday greetings!

LOL ginawa nyo na lang palang laruan yung butter knife…. πŸ˜€

Good idea to have that “no door slamming” policy. However, it’s tricky to enforce the same policy to houseguests (like Zia). Hehehe… But after what you said about your kid, I should probably think of putting a mechanism like the ones used in some offices which automatically closes but delays the slamming of the door. Haay…. It’s not just for kids’ safety kasi right? πŸ˜€

Thanks for the visit!

hi linnor…sorry i’m just testing commenting wiht a different email address. nakakatawa ang pose ni Zia sa picture πŸ˜€ tapos si jake parang nang-iinis pa lalo πŸ˜›

Hi Linnor. I could just imagine the scenario of it all. Like mayhem in a funny, amuzing way.

Sorry about lil’ Jake’s finger. I hope he is feeling much better now. I could almost picture the face of your mom. I guess it reminded her about the old days and how funny that she is witnessing you go through the same thing.

Poor Jake. It looks like Zia is such a handful.

It was just too noisy with everybody running like headless chickens- Jake, running after Zia, and my sister & I, running after both of them.

I’m glad Jake’s finger doesn’t look too bad now. πŸ™‚

I keep kidding my sister about Zia being more naughty and active than Jake. Hehehe… I tend to agree with you though.

ahaha! the best ang comment ni mamarazzi πŸ™‚ clincher at its best. happy belated mommy’s day!

I fished your comment again from spam. I hope maayos na yung prob no? I wonder how many more valid comments I deleted because of Akismet.

Post-able talaga kaya na-inspire ako to blog about the family ruckus at home :). Hehehe…

Ganyan talaga when kids get together. My children are like that too. When with their cousins, it is a little riot, even if they are older now, they still manage to get on each others’ nerves. They do to me too. πŸ˜€

I’m bracing myself for when school starts. It’s going to be a new (chaotic) world for Jake. Hehehe…

hi Linnor! Naku, riotous scenes, LOL! katuwa naman si lola, just looking on and amusing herself.
I have 3 kids, my sis has 4. So imagine the scenes when we visit each other LOL

Wow! Seven youngsters in all??? That would be one big party in itself! Dapat pala, kayanin namin yun 2 lang. Hehehe…

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