Cebu Auto Craze

Posted on: June 2, 2007

Jake at the Cebu Auto Craze
Among all the cars on display, Jake liked to pose with this one!

Last May 30, Jerry and I knocked off at 1130 am to bring the boys to the Cebu Auto Craze auto show during our lunch break. That’s the nice thing about being in Cebu, not much lunch traffic and you get to spend time with your kids in the middle of a work day.

So anyway, there were not much flashy cars on display. However, Jake found a good one for photo op. At his age (3yo), he could already tell a good car brand apart from the rest. He took after his Papa and elder brothers obviously as I’m just clueless with cars…

Jake at the Cebu Auto Craze

Jake at the Cebu Auto Craze

Auto-crazy boys...
Auto-crazy boys

If you’re not as clueless as me, here are some car questions for you:
1. Do you drive?
2. Which do you prefer, manual or automatic transmission?
3. What’s your dream car?


17 Responses to "Cebu Auto Craze"

Yes, I’ve been driving for a very long time yet I don’t think I’m brave enough to drive there in Cebu. I currently drive an automatic but I prefer the stick; they are just so much more fun and exciting, dili makaduka esp. when driving in the interstate. I have always loved Porsche cars but they are so dang expensive. Perhaps if I win the megalotto someday I’d be able to afford it.

ang galing pumili ni jake, hehe! my kind of boy! 🙂

to answer your questions: yup, i’ve been driving since i was 15, pero syempre illegal pa nun 😛 but i eventually got my license when i turned 18. i was the first one in my family to drive an automatic, lahat sila was against it at first because it was difficult to maintain daw. pero, after they tried driving my car, they started to dispose of their own MTs and got ATs na, hehe. i still prefer AT kasi i hate hate hate driving uphill during traffic, umuurong ako or namamatayan ng makina, hehe. besides, nakakalaki daw ng mga pata, hahaha!

my dream car is a bugatti veyron 16.4. a blue one 🙂 *tulo laway*

pero syempre i am happy with whatever car comes our way, as long as it can take us to our destination safely, thankful na ako. 🙂

Ay if you could drive in Cebu, you’d be able to drive anywhere! Hehehehe… Yeah, most Cebuano jeepney & taxi drivers are h*ll drivers, nakaka-tense! When I was driving a car, I’d get intimidated. But since I drive a big one, I learned to weave my way na rin in traffic. 🙂

Wow 15! That’s 1 year away for my Matt! Hehehe… I had to go through the legal means and went to a driving school for 10 days. I remember taking a written exam pa. 😛

Same here, I’d prefer AT because of the slightly rugged terrain in Cebu. Otherwise, mapapa-atras din ako if going uphill in traffic. 😀

a. since 1986, EDSA revolution. sabay ba tayo?
b. Manual sana, pero di na yata ako marunong. I only learned how to drive a Matic here in Canada, 2 years ago.
c. My dream car is a Toyota Crown na blue na naging yellow…na naging kalawang….hahahah

Yup, sabay tayo… Dun sa empty lots in BF Resort and Sta. Cecilia where you signalled right & turned left. *Peace!* Heheheh…

I remember the 1st time you tried my matic na Lancer in Cebu, you stepped on the brake thinking it was the clutch. *Peace ulit* 😀

But I have a lot of mishaps yata than you… Remember the one with the motorcycle, the gate and the Nova? Tsk-tsk-tsk… Hay…

ang cute naman ng anak mo.
yes, i drive. marunogn ako manual, pero mas ok pag automatic kasi hassle-free. mas magastos nga lang raw sa gasolina.
simple lang ako, gusto ko maliliit na kotse pero hindi flashy. like hyundai getz and the like na lumalabas ngayon.

1. yes i drive
2. Automatic is the only one I know how to drive
3. I wouldn’t mind that Porsche Jake is posing for.

jake is so cuteeeee

1. YUP
3.anything SUV.. like, EXPEDITION, YUKON, LANDCRUISER and the likes

We love going to car/auto shows. In fact I have a post about it. We also have lots of car mags, toy cars and car movie DVDs. OA na nga eh, hehehe.

1. nope, I don’t/can’t drive.
2. our car is manual. We also have a ‘matic but it is in dire need of repair. 😀
3. Hubby and DS prefer cars with muscle like the Subaru, Porsche, Evo and Mazda RX-7/8. I prefer the wonderful purr of a BMW or the comfort of a 300C.

Sarap mangarap. 🙂

I like looking at cars but I’m ignorant about them. I don’t drive either. But if i do learn, I will choose an automatic. My dream car is actually a wrangler, weird ‘no?

Pa-cute sya 🙂

I agree dun sa magastos sa gasolina ang automatic… Hey there’s a Hyundai car na diesel – Hyundai Excel and they claim it could run 15-20 km or more per liter of fuel. Not bad diba?

In my case, I’m not confident driving the manual after driving an automatic for more than 10 years. 😀

Puedeng ba siyang model ng car brochure? Hehehe…

So you like big cars pala! 🙂

That’s a very descriptive way of putting it… “cars with muscle”! Kaya lang these cars cost the same as a decent house and lot na these days… Grabe no?

Before, it was because of “porma” that I wanted to learn how to drive. Now, I find driving stressful. Even if I don’t feel like driving, I have to do it because of necessity. Hehehe.

1. yes
2. environment advocate as i am, i guess i’ll stay with manual. of course, it’s easier to drive an automatic hehe.
3. a mini!!!

A mini would be the ideal car size for the Philippines for its narrow & traffic congested roads. The price of a mini is just too steep though… 😀

nice pics! to answer your questions:

1. i’ve been driving since i got my student’s permit & “graduated” from A1 driving school (haha) at 17 (though I was more “forced” than anything else hehehe)
2. automatic of course! i learned to drive a manual but everyone got mad at me since i was a “clutch driver” daw! but in manila, if you want to save your legs from cramps from the traffic, matic is the way to go!
3. believe it or not, a nice comfy SUV that can hold my entire family is all i want. we have a CRV now but not bad if we are able to afford something bigger in the future diba? plus, all the nice luxury cars would be such a waste if it were automatic (or so my husband says…LOL)

I agree with you on #2 about traffic in Manila (& Cebu on rush hours)…

Hahaha! Oo nga ano? What’s the use of having a sporty luxury car if you can’t drive it manually?

I drive.
I only drive automatic. I think I’ve forgotten how to drive a manual transmission 😦
My dream car is a Honda FCX 🙂

Hi Kenneth! Same here! After trying the automatic, I never went back to manual. 😀

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