Last Day of Vacation?

Posted on: June 4, 2007

Soft focus using the Sony T100

Soft focus using the Sony T100

Soft focus using the Sony T100
Tinkering with the lego is one of the things they do on their free time.
(Photo taken using a Sony T100 on soft-focus feature)

Classes started for most schools today. Not for my boys… Their school will open on June 27, so that’s more than 3 weeks of free days up ahead.

I look forward to June 27 when my boys start being active again academically. I look forward to July when Jake starts his nursery school. On the other hand, I dread the traffic that goes along with the season.

For this new school year, what do you look forward to? What do you dread, if there’s any?

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wow, jake will start schooling na! time flies talaga! can’t wait to see him wearing a cutie school uniform. share us photos ha!

Hi Linnor!
I look forward to the mommy-friendlier sked of my girls. Last year their skeds were so conflicting, and though they go to the same school, they have different campuses so I was zigzagging between the two of them. This year, they both start at 7am (and hub is driving them! So i can catch more zz’s). This also means I can accomplish more tasks in the morning.
Hay, the dreaded part pareho tayo- traffic on the way home.
Wow, your boys start school much later than the rest of us ha.

im looking forward to jake and zia performing very well in their respective classes…siempre mana sa tito 🙂

You know this time around, I don’t feel like I’m prepared to send Jake to school. He has always been like our baby. Parang in denial pa yata ako that our baby is really growing up na. 🙂

7am is rather early for your girls. That means they have to be awake at 5-530 am and be ready by 6-630am. Wow…

Classes for my boys start at 730 am and I already fret at that. As for Jake, I’m glad there’s a mommy-friendly sched at 10-12 am 3x a week.

Same here! 😀 Pagalingan ba sina Zia and Jake? Hehehe…

I love the ship! I just saw Pirates of the Carribean so I’m into pirate mode, hehehe.

What do I dread about the school year? Traffic! 😀

Hi Linnor..nice lego sculpture you have there.

My girls start school next week (Adi – pre nursery) and the week after (Gaby – Nursery).

What do I look forward least 3 hours of quiet time for me. 🙂

What do I’s Adi’s first I dread the crying. 😦

I guess they’re on pirate mode too even if these boys haven’t seen Pirates of the Caribbean yet. That’s what they always build with their lego bricks. 😀

Ugh traffic na namannn….

That lego sculpture is one of many sculptures they have made this summer. Proof that kids have a very active imagination…

Aw… I dread 1st day of school crying too. I hope my Jake is brave enough to be in a new place with other kids.

Yipee! Pareho sila ni Zia mag school na. Zia will start June 19. I’ve already posted her picture in her school uniform. Pati yung things niya, sinama ko na. Yun lang naman ang dadalhin niya. Wala namang problema sa traffic dito…pwede mo lang lakarin yung school. As for the time, 10-12pm din siya…mas gusto ko pa nga mas maaga para pag uwi ko ng 7am, direcho na sa school.

I just went to your livejournal. Yellow pala ang school gear ni Zia. Cute!

I don’t think puede lakarin yung school. Wawa naman si Zia, maiinitan. Medyo malayo for walking for a 3yo. Drive ka na lang. Short distance lang naman. Hehehe…

Why so late the opening? Hindi pa ba tapos ang mga buildings sa new campus? That means late opening, late closing of schoolyear!

This is what I dread most—Will be driving to school for Zia during weekdays knowing that her ‘doting and hands-on’ parents are asleep during the day. At baka ang daily baon kasama pa! Grrrr!!! Of course, am just thinking ahead! I could be wrong! 😦

Wahahah! So kayo pala ang magiging school bus ni Zia?… Hehehee…

I suddenly missed playing with legos as a kid. 🙂

Aw… You played with Legos too? And I thought Legos were mostly for boys… 🙂

at least now, for my kids, schedules will not be erratic anymore. summer vacation has been rather crazy, with their activities here and there, juggling schedules…and all those expenses and all!

I have to agree. When there’s school, they follow a strict routine. During summer vacation on the other hand, everybody wants to have his own activity. One wants to stay up late, the other one has to be up early for practice, etc… It’s a crazy schedule for the whole household.


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