Major Accomplishment

Posted on: June 6, 2007

The view from the roofdeck
taken at the i2 roofdeck after a successful event

Because of collective efforts from the Cebu, Manila and US teams, this is probably our biggest accomplishment for the first half of 2007 – the expansion of the IT office we all work in. And May 24th was a red-letter day when we had our office blessed, conducted press briefings, and introduced our new IT visions and programs to the academe.

Though the real hard work brought on by expansion is looming right in front of us, thank God we’re finally over this one. The preparations leading to this day were just daunting but we happily culminated the event by spending time with counterparts for a night cap.

For the first half of 2007, is there something you have done (in school, at work or at home) that your are extremely proud of? I bet you have. 😉


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a lot! and this space is not sufficient. the litany of blessings and things to be proud of are better kept during our night prayers. a lot to be thankful for to our Heavenly Father.


my major accomplishment – being able to work full time at last!

“a lot!”

I say, for you, that’s figuratively (GK, work, family, etc) and literally (Siargao beach front property) speaking. 😉

Thank heavens for the bountiful blessings indeed!

Congrats for getting that full-time job! I’ve been following your updates and I could see that this is one exciting phase for you. 🙂

What a great accomplishment indeed. Congrats.
Half the year is over na pala. And yes, its good to look back. I am thankful for the challenges given to me. It helps me gorw.

Grabe, ang bilis. Mid-year na tayo after this month. That’s a nice way of looking back… there’s always a positive side to every challenge. Like you said, it makes us grow. 🙂

congratulations! it’s only half a year, and you have had your major accomplishment. another half year awaits, now, good luck!

Lots of accomplishments I could be proud of and I could not thank God enough for these blessings. Among such BIG successes are of course: Linnor, Junnie, May and your families. Kayo ang aking mga idols at aking TAGUMPAY! Can you beat that?

Also, I got reelected last Sunday for another Columbian Year 2007-2008 by my Knight Brothers of KofC of Our Lady of Fatima Council. To Mamarazzi, am not sure if this would be a welcome news. She used to complain that I have no more time for movies, pasyal and all because I spent much time for meetings and countless social amelioration projects for marginalized people in our Parish.

Just keep the aforementioned a secret, please! 🙂

Ooooh…. we’re all fired up to face the second half of the year! Hehehe. Thanks for the good wishes. 🙂

How sweet… We are your trophies pala… 😉 I guess topping that will all depend on your apos own accomplishments. Hehehe. Sana pagbutihin din nila for the elder generations.

Congrats for being re-elected in your KofC community. I know you’ve done a lot of charity work together with your KofC brothers.

As for Ma complaining about your lack of time with her, well… just try to make the effort to find time for the movies, kahit last full show. Hehehe. Naglalambing lang siguro yun.

Don’t worry Ma doesn’t read my blog, lalo na the comments portion. She wouldn’t know. 😉

hmmm, i think you said most of them, and left some out (proud of my good health – despite my latenights :)…btw my key code for this comment is “aguinaldo” – very apt.

Keycode ko “pasko”. 😀 Happy thoughts kasi ang words ko sa keycode

ako “bigayan”, ehem.

anyway, congrats linnor (and the rest of your team, of course)!! you have the rest of the year light up with more pretty colors for you 🙂 as for me, madami rin blessings eh, ika nga MTM 😀 lots to thank God for 🙂

Christmas season na ang keycode words ko eh… Hehehe. Thanks! As for you, your transfer is also a big blessing to your family di ba? 😀

Is that Waterfront on the picture right ? Well I dont know yet if I really achieved something that is worth mentioning about

Yup that’s the Waterfront Hotel. It looks more like a Las Vegas Casino now with all the colored neon lights.

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