Fender-Bender (Well Almost)

Posted on: June 7, 2007

Scratched bumper (lower right)
See the blue paint on the right part of the bumper?

I was bringing my boys to school a few weeks back, Kyle for his theatre practice and Matt for his basketball. We were running a bit late. And the traffic light on that intersection along Gen. Maxilom Avenue and D. Jakosalem Streets has just turned red. We were the second car on our lane.

I had my foot on the brake as I talked animatedly with my boys. I didn’t shift to “neutral” nor to “park” as I knew this stop wasn’t going to take long. Then I felt the car inching forward. That’s the trouble with automatic, The split second it took me to realize what was happening seemed forever. And before I could do something, I instinctively stepped harder on the brake.

“SH*T!!!* was the only word I managed to blurt out when after I stepped on the brake, our vehicle lunged forward to “kiss” the small blue pick-up in front of us. Matt & Kyle sat stunned and couldn’t believe what just happened.

We just hit a car! *Groan*

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Judging by what the photo shows, the mishap caused minor damage only and guessing it was not too traumatizing for the passengers. You’re probably more embarrassed than anything else. Gakapuliki tingali ka ug explikar no? hahaha.

A dent or a smash? Either one is a damage to both vehicles. I thought I have told you such basic driving rules/tips that:

1) Driving is a full time occupation;
2) You have to drive SLOW when you are in HURRY;
3) Traffic signs are signs of life! 😦

nasabihan ka tuloy ni Paparazzi…hehe! one more thing i’d like to add to his list: ALWAYS WEAR SEATBELTS!

glad you and your kids are safe. 🙂

You’re definitely right! It was more nakakahiya than anything. 😀

I stopped when I saw the light turn red. But during the course of our conversation, my foot (involuntarily) let go of the brakes. Absent-minded na.

It was just a minor scratch 😀 And I was not moving at full speed that time even if in a hurry. Naka-stop kami. Hehehe….

Sermon ba? 😀 Yeah. We actually wear seatbelts. I guess it was more of carelessness on my part. I should have shifted to “park” para di umabante yung sasakyan.

that’s how long traffic lights are in Cebu that you need to go P (Park)????

Di ba “D” lang ang konting tapak sa brakes lang…. or to the extreme and never done in Canada, “N” for neutral?

nakalimutan ni Paparazzi yung no. 1 driving tip niya “Lahat ng driver sa mundo tanga- ikaw lang ang hindi, so drive defensively” – this time around, its the other way…agree? spin a win!

That part of the road kasi was medyo inclined (just a little bit), so I should have stepped on the brake talaga dapat. I was doing that, but got distracted while talking. Haay, lesson learned.

Oh, I hope the accident didn’t leave any lasting damage on Kyle and Matt. You know, that “S” word you blurted out. Hahahaha! Am such a prude, sorry. I’m sure they were too shocked to have heard what you said.
God bless and happy posting!

Hahaha! They’ve heard much worse from me… Joke! Actually they both just laughed at how I managed to let go of my foothold on that darn brake. To them, I was the perfect mommy-driver, until that day. Just kidding.

gosh!! i’m just glad you guys weren’t involved in a worse situtaion. *whew* di bale, paint lang yan, rubbing compund lang katapat niyan hehe. anyway, do take care 🙂

Me too! Now I am a bit “paranoid” on the road. Definitely no more of those slip-ups.

Ok lang yan. I’m always having “almosts” on the road. And when provoked, I dedicate some evil-knievel moves to the driver who provoked me 🙂

And when it’s na lang 🙂

it could have been worse… at least hindi pa din major accident and nobody was hurt (except your car siguro ng konti, hehe)

our car naman was recently keyed (?)… 2/3 of the length of the car dun sa may driver’s side… howell…

I did have to put my charm to use when the driver of the other car got off to approach me… Haay, threw my pride out of the window… Hehehe…

Yes it could have been worse… I’m relieved thinking about the fact that it’s just the car that got very slight damage.

About your car getting “key-ed”…Ouch!

maliit lang naman, pero i understand, nakaka-dismaya nga yan. im glad though you and your kids are ok.

Yes, buti na lang maliit lang. It still cost me P1000 in settlement. Ok na lang since I was the one who was at fault.

Hallo Linnor. Well at least it is just a small scratch. The important thing is that you and your kids are just fine.

Yes, I’m glad nothing serious happened to my boys. 🙂

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