The Big Reveal

Posted on: June 10, 2007

Late last year, while skimming the classifieds, I came across an ad about a townhouse in Lahug that was for sale. It was a few minutes from work, near Matt & Kyle’s new campus, near Jake’s nursery school and near my MIL’s.

It was timely that our Tuscania condo (in Guadalupe) had a serious buyer. It was actually because we were able to sell it for a good price that Jerry & I decided to put an offer for the Lahug property.

To make the story short, we sealed the deals for both the sale and the purchase of the 2 properties. After a few months of renovation and finishing and putting together the designs I’ve chosen from numerous magazines, we finally decided to invite my MIL for the “big reveal”. Think ETC channel’s Merge or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s kind of house make-over. 😀

Mommy would usually just stay home to relax. She’s not one who will be easily invited to eat out or to go places. However, when Jerry called in the morning to invite MIL for some PM snacks, Nurse Cathy (Jake’s former nanny) said MIL accepted the invitation.

We didn’t actually tell MIL that we were showing her our humble place. So when she arrived, she was visibly impressed. MIL came on her wheelchair. But she was too determined to see the upstairs rooms that she asked Nurse Cathy to assist her as she walked on the way up. It was unbelievable that she did that. I was touched.

All I could hear were positive comments down to the smallest detail. We were excited to tell her how we managed to put everything together no matter how limited our resources were and even if Jerry spent half of his time at work shuttling between Manila and Cebu. I guess she must have been really happy to see her son, Jerry, doing good after all.

The big reveal wasn’t just about the new house. It is not an imposing piece of structure with luxurious interiors. In fact it is just modest-sized and cozy, nothing extraordinary about it. The big reveal was more of an inside look at how we have been all this time and thus putting to rest whatever worries MIL might have about his son and his family.

Here’s a short slide of MIL’s first visit to my casita…


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lovely home! ang galing mo naman mag decor like Mitzi. sana ganyan din kaganda ang magiging bahay namin… [kailan kaya yon???]

i love the colors talaga! 🙂 sarap siguro ng feeling that you were able to show MIL around. it’s not the house itself, but the fact that you two were able to put this into reality, di ba?

Thanks! 😉

Na-inspire ako sa look ng house ni Junnie & Mitzi in Canada. I just added my own touch to it. Hehehe…Thanks! 🙂

Coffee & cream combination is what I often see in home magazines. I like it to for its zen-like appeal. Ay sinabi mo, it was one proud moment showing MIL around. 😀 Sana mapadalas pa ang dalaw. 🙂

Ganda ng bahay. Very cozy. Sana maka visit ako one of these days. Kaya lang wala pa sa short term plans ang bakasyon sa Cebu. Hihingi ako ng tips sa ‘yo Ms. Linnor pag nagkabahay na rin kami, siguro 5 years from now – ang layo pa…

Thanks… Di sya gaanong kalakihan. We had to get rid of a lot of things to avoid too much clutter. Dami naming na-donate sa Asilo de la Milagrosa. Sure, I’d be glad to be of help when you start having your own. Pati feng-shui tips I could give you some. Hehehe.

love the colors. congratulations on this new milestone 🙂

Aw, thanks! The thought of coming home everyday puts a smile to my face.

Hmmm…that’s a good start. now invite the others 😉

You’ve been here with Zia, Ma & Pa. Now naman si Mommy/MIL. Who are the others that you mean? 😛 If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then I’d have to say nope, they will never be able to set foot in here… Masikip dito eh, di kakasya. Hehehe.

Of course we plan to invite Pa & Ma’s relatives and some friends over… That’s next. Hahaha!

Wow, your “casita” is beautiful. You’re right, it does look cozy and for a new place it has that “lived in” appeal already. Congratulations!

Thanks for the generous compliments! You’re right, we felt right at home after just a few days here. 😀

With her recent visit, I could see bright light at the end of the tunnel! Yes?

Your Mommy must really be a very good Precursor. Hope everything will be fine after this.

Your casita is beautiful! What is with all the detractors? Hmmm…good thing your MIL can see for herself how well your family is getting along.:)

The only thing that matters is for MIL to see how we’re doing. I guess we’ve achieved that. As for “the others”…. I don’t really give a hoot what they think.

Thanks dear. About the detractors, it’s a long story that started with something really petty. All I could say is these people have all ganged up on us like a pack of wolves. 😀 But no worries, we’re fine without them.

congratulations. oh, isn’t it fun and so fulfilling to be in a new place…and the labor of love and so much time and resources.

Thanks! It’s one of the best feelings in the world! 😉

thanks for sharing the pics of your home again, sis. you really did a great job of turning into a home. iba talaga yung fulfillment no? like jo, kelan kaya kami? hehe. i think your MIL was not only impressed, i think she’s very proud of all your accomplishments (especially on the family front), too. good job 🙂

We could always hope for something bigger and more spacious but having this humble place is already a dream come true for us. 🙂

very nice! it looks so homey and cozy. 🙂

Thanks sis. We do love coming home these days! Hehehe…

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