Independence Day Holiday

Posted on: June 11, 2007

It was declared earlier on that June 11 instead of June 12 would be a non-working holiday. Thus, Independence Day is 1 day earlier this year. It means we have a 3-day break. So here on my 3rd day, I found an extra time to blog.

I wrote about the boys’ 1st time to try badminton last time over here. I mentioned about 3yo Jake not being able to get to try. However, last Monday, Jake finally got his chance. He was able to play. I was amused at how untiring this boy was at 9pm… See for yourself…

Tonight is badminton night. We reserved 2 courts for 3 hours each. There are 10 of us from work who are going. I’m thinking whether to bring the boys again or not. Hmm…

Perhaps I would…


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another leftie in the family in Jake? NAH!

its a good exercise and hopefully we can play again…we were at it when Manila was in Badminton frenzy 3 years ago.

Looking forward to the weekly games! It’s fun, it’s good exercise and it’s fairly inexpensive. Now that this is up and running in Cebu…time to restart badminton in the Manila office as well.

Is he? He’s right-handed actually. 😀

Jerry & I used to play in the early 90’s, when it wasn’t too popular yet.

Which reminds me, I have to buy my badminton gear now na. Hahaha! Tara, let’s turn of the Macs & go buy me a decent racket. 😀

How cute naman. It’s a great idea to start them early into sports. Sayang ang layo niyo lang otherwise pwede sila laro ng kids ko 🙂

Yes, even if I have to run after the lil one half of the time, I think it’s better to encourage their interest in the sport.

Oo nga… wala silang ka-same age na playmates dito aside from their school classmates.

That looks quite fun. Hmmm I miss playing badminton. I rarely see people here playing that game

The the 3 Bugoys are still in their formative years. No need for them to apppreciate the importance of INDEPENDENCE because you know very well they are still all dependent on you and Jerry.

Maybe, it is time this early to teach them how to be INTERDEPENDENT. This is what we badly need!

I love playing badminton. Yong badminton set na binili namin two springs ago ni hindi nabuksan, nasa plastic pa rin-meron pang price tag, hehe.. Makapaglaro nga this weekend.

Badminton used to be a fad a few years ago. I guess the fad has waned a bit, but a lot still do it as a form of work-out.

Don’t worry. There’s nothing of that sort yet for these minors. It would take years before we could even allow them to do things. 😉

Hehehe, I had a really good workout last night. It’s exhausting to play against good badminton players. Natapat ako sa magagaling yesterday. 😀

it’s good they are starting young. who knows soon, there will be a champion in the family.

and everytime i visit i am always amazed with the slide photos.

It’s a delicate balance between their studies and sports. As parents, Jerry & I want them to be good in what they do and not to neglect one over the other.

Thanks! I use the slide to display several photos in a series. It doesn’t clutter the blog too much unlike using pictures. 😀

Wow, athlete! Gusto ko yung photo nya na umiinom ng tubig, parang matanda na.:)

badminton! i can still remember my 1st sem PE, sophomore year. For our practical exam, my opponent was a guy (and much larger than me).. of course, i lost. haha..

but still, i just wished he let me catch up for the score. the game was graded afterall. he was so inconsiderate. lol. that was months ago.

anyway, so much for me rambling on and on about this stuff.

have a nice day!


ang cute ni jake! 😀 maybe siya na ang next na taufik hidayat. 🙂

Feeling nga yata nya malaki na sya. He always joins his brothers sa mga activities nila ;).

Oh that must have been annoying for you… I hope you still got a good grade ;).

Thanks for the visit!

Gayag-gaya kasi si bulinggit sa mga big people eh. Feeling nya madali lang mag-badminton. 😛 Hahaha.

Hahaha! It’ll take the young ones a lot longer to get”low batt” compared to us, ancients…este, adults. I’m bushed after one game. I’d gladly stay on the bench and finish off the cold contents of the Coleman.

I hate to admit I’m ancient. Hahaha! But my (lack of) stamina says a lot about my age. I had a good work out though. If only I shed the unwanted pounds as much and as fast as I perspire….

i miss playing badminton. i used to play with kuya. now, i don’t have a playmate. ang hirap ng pang gabi walang buhay.

Puede pa rin mag-badminton during the day. Dito play all you want sa daytime ang mga badminton courts. Wala kasi masyadong nagre-reserve. Take advantage of this with your friends na same sched as you.

It seems Jake had a fabulous time. Badminton is a good sport and it’s nice to see young children enjoying it.

Badminton nights serve as Jake’s playtime as well. Sama-sama lang sya. Hehehe. 😀

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