Papa Said

Posted on: June 13, 2007

Jake & Jerry

It seems that 3yo Jake has discovered the art of having a “padrino” whenever he is trying to convince anyone and everyone into letting him get his way or wiggle himself out of a situation.

Sometimes I would overhear him reasoning out or “arguing” with the elder brothers about something and would punctuate his halting English with “Papa said (insert applicable phrase here)…” as if his elder brothers would be reduced to submission. Hehehe… Well, Jake does succeed sometimes but mostly because they found him cute.

As for me, I’ve also been exposed to Jake’s verbal antics many times, most especially when I’m telling him not to do something. He shoots back as if I would feel subjugated by the mere mention of “Papa said”… Asuuus! Hehehe…

On different occasions he told me…

“Papa said, I sleep later”
“Papa said, I play Gameboy”
“Papa said, I eat sapsap (his term for chips/junk food)”

You get the drift? I don’t know how and when he learned this… Maybe the elder brothers would tell him off by prefixing each sentence with “Papa said”. Now he’s saying the same thing to counter them, and me.

Yesterday after lunch, right before Jerry & I drove back to work, this was how the conversation went…

JERRY: Jake… Sleep na. I’ll go with you upstairs…
JAKE: (Looks at his Pa) Papa said I stay here… (Begins a litany of kiddie gibberish)


Jake & Jerry


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Wow! perfect Father’s Day shot!….

hahah…your jake is hilarious! and he looks so tall and healthy for a 3-yr old! my jakey is only 15 mos, and i can’t wait for him to start talking like yours!

great pic!

Hmmm, should I have it enlarged/framed? Baka magselos yung 2 elder bugoys. 😛

Would you believe he only weighed 2 pounds when I gave birth to him? 😀 He’s our miracle boy.

When your Jakey starts talking, there’s no stopping him anymore. Hehehe.

toooooooooo cute! hahaha

Advance happy father’s day to Jerry!

Jake is sooooo adorable!!!

My DD2 Tania, who is 4yo is like that too. “Sabi ni Tatay (that would be hubby)…” or “Sabi ni Nanay (That would be me)…”



Lapit na nga pala fathers’ day. 🙂

Hahaha, sino kaya nagtuturo no? Kids are really amazing!

PAPArazzi said you and everyone in the house should obey Jake or else…temper tantrums follow.

It is wise for Jake to use ‘PAPA SAID’ because he knows that the credibility of Jerry is beyond question and beyond compare!

Lovely Zia is also using that every time she likes something: LOLO said we go to SM or ATC.:-)

jake’s so cute! sarap ng bonding nila mag daddy sa pic.

I knew it, bagay talaga sila ng mga anak ko. Same with my kids but they use their lola as an excuse. You know how lolas are, anything goes. So when they want to do something “bawal” you get, “But my Lola said..”

Di naman masyado ma-tantrum si Jake. Pero he can be really naughty if he is sleepy or in a bad mood. Hehehe.

How come he doesn’t say “Mama said…”? Tantrum ako nyan ah! Hahaha!

Photogenic ang mokong. Hehehe…

A-ha! Lola’s kids pala sila. Hehehe. It’s good they have their Lola looking after them aside from Mom & Dad. When they’re not allowed to do something, they have their Lola as their ally. 😀

how funny! my 3yo is doing the same exact thing! when i tell him “no” about something he’ll respond, “papa yes!”, or “papa yes ice cream” – even though it’s time for breakfast :-p and if i get mad at him, he’ll run crying to his papa. totally makes me feel like the “mean one” in the house.

I wonder how these 3yo tots learn how to say these things… They must be really smarter than we think. Hehehe…

Great photos of father and son.

Your son reminds me of my 3-yr old Yohan. Sometimes when I say something that he doesn’t want to do, he would go to his Dad and try to get him on his side. Boys! haha!

It appears to be the general rule, that the boys expect the dads to be on their side. Hehehe…

Hahaha wala kang lusot! Smart kid! Hehe. Flattered ba si Papa?

Biktima din ang sariling Papa sa “Papa said” ni Jake. Hahaha!

toinks talaga, haha! 😀 si papa na nga ang kausap, papa said pa rin 😀

i love the pics. the b&w one reflects jake’s lively spirit and jerry’s calm one. ganda! 🙂

Tawanan kami when we heard it. Hahaha. Kulang sa processing ng thoughts before he blurted it out. Chamba lang sa b&w pic. 😉

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