Careful What You Say! :)

Posted on: June 15, 2007

With friends & cuzns
My friends and cuzns, pic was taken last March during Jake’s birthday

Here’s a short one that I couldn’t resist not posting…

LOCATION: In my room at work
CHARACTERS: Dahlia (friend), Mimi (cousin)

MIMI: I stopped breastfeeding. Im a bad mom.
LINNOR: Oh? But why?
MIMI: (Proceeds to explain how she breastfed for a while and why she stopped…) Yaddi yaddi yadda…
DAHLIA: As long as the baby was able to get the first production of milk… He’ll be fine…
LINNOR: Yes, that’s the important thing.
DAHLIA: What do you call that first milk? (Pauses, thinks, and then mumbles something). Isn’t that the scr*t*m?
LINNOR: What the heck? Colostrum you mean!


I forewarned my good friend D about the blogworthiness of that slip-up…:D She was game to be blogged. Hence this. That’s the best part about friends like her, she revels in the humor of it all. Love you Dahls! You made my day!

Was there ever a time you got your words mixed-up? Tell us about it! 😀


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You could say that again…

haha! The subconscious works in mysterious ways. 🙂

What an “OOPS!” moment! 🙂

hahaha! This is funny! 🙂

Exactly my thought! 😀

omg!! i know someone who mixed up the exact same words, too!! (pero di ko na sasabihin, baka magalit sa akin hehe). the person (a guy) whom the mystery freudian-slipper was talking to actually answered: “josko, bakit ko naman ipapakain sa anak ko ang itl*g ko”, mwahaha!

Hahaha! Korek!!! We’re not even sure if it’s Kosher. Nyehehehe!

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