Papa’s Nice

Posted on: June 17, 2007

There was one time the boys overheard Jerry and me discussing about some mix-up in schedules while we were all inside the car. Our voices were somewhat a few decibels higher. I knew the elder ones were aware of what was going on and probably thought this was just one of those days… Nothing much to it.

They were mostly right. Though sometimes Jerry and I are quite excitable (ok, ok, just me…) when in a discussion, we simmer down after a while.

The following day, while Jerry and I were in the room preparing for work, 3yo Jake was lying down on our bed.

ME: Yes?
JAKE: No “away” Papa, ok?
(Jerry and I looked at each other. Was this about last night? I thought. Did Jerry prompt Jake to say that? Not likely…)
ME: (smiling at Jake) Of course I won’t “away” Papa. (Jerry and I looked at each other again, my eyebrow now headed north.)
JAKE: No “away” Papa, Ma ok? Papa is nice…

(We both smiled and I think Jerry gave me that “I told you so” expression. Hehehe.)

I know I shouldn’t underestimate the mind of a 3yo. Sometimes there’s wisdom to what he says. BUT…

I will have to disagree with you Jake. No, Papa is NOT nice. No, no, no, no. He’s not!

Let me re-phrase that. He is NOT JUST NICE! He is actually more than nice. He is the best Papa one could ever hope for. You guys are lucky to have such a doting and funny Pa. I couldn’t imagine raising you all by myself and doing a good job. You are what you are because of him. And I’ll bet you, he won’t disagree with me on this. 😀

Happy Fathers’ Day Jerry!

(Happy Fathers’ day Paparazzi! And happy fathers’ day to all the wonderful, caring dads in the whole wide universe!)

Friday - Keeping busy while waiting for Pa to arrive from Manila
Friday – Keeping busy while waiting for Pa to arrive from Manila

Saturday (AM) - badminton session from 10-12
Saturday (AM) – badminton session from 10-12

Saturday (PM) - choco fondue dessert at Tinderbox
Saturday (PM) – choco fondue dessert at Tinderbox

Fathers’ day portrait 🙂


Here’s my reply to SunStar’s questionnaire on “Why do you consider your father as your personal hero” that got featured last June 15, 2007…

Paparazzi on SunStar

Original text: No other Papa would put up with all our impossible requests (well almost). He may be way over the hill at 65, but he feels he’s never too old to see the world with loved ones, to learn new things like surfing the internet and peeping into our blogs to see what his kids and grandkids are up to and to give precious bits of advice.

Having a bad day? Count on Papa who’s always ready to cheer us all up with his weird sense of humor. He is our Prozac personified.


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so you already celebrated father’s day?! aga naman. we will celebrate our father’s day tomorrow. we’re still waiting for something big to happen. saka na kwento pag ok na. haaay. excited na ako. super happy father’s day ito pagnatuloy.

We’ll celebrate Fathers’ Day ulit tom. Ehehehe…. I pray that Rommel gets “it”. 😀

Kiss and hug Paparazzi for us pala.

Jerry is not just nice, very nice but also a good father to the rest of the exist employees. i know, i hear a lot of good things bout him.

so we have a new software developer in the first pic….i-hire na yan, baka ma pirate pa 🙂

Happy Father’s day Jer!

happy father’s day! kids are so perceptive!

Thanks to everyone for making my role as a Father a lot easier. It’s a tough act but with the help of Linnor, Matt, Kyle, Jake and all of you, it’s been a really great experience! I look forward to the day when my sons become fathers. He he he….Funny to think about Jake becoming a father one day… But, I’m sure they’ll all do great…Happy Father’s Day!

Dumami na nga anak niya in Exist. There are now 40 in Cebu and about 70 in Manila.

Jake is fond of playing his Reader Rabbit cd on the laptop. Amazing how he’s adept now with the mouse and the keyboard. Pang-Exist ba? Hehehe…

Thanks! Yup, very perceptive talaga…

You’re doing a delicate balancing act between family and work. I have to give credit to you for doing such a daunting combination of tasks.

Kung ako, panic attack na. Hihihi…

Happy fathers’ day! MWAH!

I don’t blame you for making your Paparazzi your personal hero as a father. Maybe what I do to you and your siblings—my readiness at all times ‘to die that all of you may live’—sounds heroic to you.

You should congratulate your Mamarazzi for making me a full-fledged Papa to all of you and a loving hubby to her at all costs and no matter what it takes!

Hope the next Father’s Day would be more heroic! 🙂

Did you like the spread? It kinda shouts to the whole Cebu a dimension of your papa personality. 🙂 I just had to let everyone know that about you.

Happy Fathers’ Day again! Mwah!

yes, never underestimate a 3 y.o.

happy father’s day to Jerry and your papa.

Thanks! Parang little adults sila 😀

Very nice Happy Father’s Day post and Happy Father’s day to your dad and your husband!

Thanks dear… Hope you had a good one with your dad in Norway! 🙂

Ang cute naman ni Jake. Napagalitan ka tuloy. Hala. Hehehe.

Through your posts and comment interactions, I have sensed long ago how wonderful your relationship is with your husband and your father. More power to these two men in your life. Belated happy father’s day to them!

hi linnor! lam mo i’m kinda like you.. between me and R ako yung mas madali mag ‘spark’. 😀 good thing love talaga tayo ng hubbies natin. hee.

belated happy father’s day to your hubby and to Tito Paparazzi!

Ang dami nang wisecracks ni Jake and it’s totally amusing hearing him talk like he’s a big boy…

Thanks, we try to be supportive of each other most at all times. 😉

Buti na lang no? Our hubs are men of few words (which actually compliment us). Hehehe… Belated happy fathers’ day to your hubs and your dad as well!

hi sis, belated happy father’s day to your mr. super nice and to the papa prozac (natuwa ako dito!) 🙂 may they keep your life fun and fulfilled always.

Thanks sis! Belated happy fathers’ day as well! Hope you’re all happily settled in the new place. 😉

Belated Happy Father’s Day to your nice Papa!!! I envy you guys for having a nice dad. Our father left us just after my graduation. I hate him ‘to the bones’ for years. That’s because he left us with nothing. I can still remember how much I begged him to give us what’s due for us. Worst was when I see him with his other family going to the mall while my siblings can’t buy even a kilo of rice.

Now that I’m blessed with a nice job and very very kind clients, I feel like I can do anything to Papa. Last Father’s Day I visited him and I was really shocked when he asked money from me. I can still remember last time when I asked him for my brother’s allowance. He said he has no money but afterwards I saw him with his other family going shopping.

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