Foodies & WIFI

Posted on: June 20, 2007

Though we’d love to, we rarely spend time with friends mainly because of schedules. So when friends are in town for a short visit, we all free up one night for a mini get-together.

Last night, dinner was spent at Manny & Monica’s. Gret & her kids were in town for some visa requirements and the last time we saw them was about last year just before Christmas. So imagine my surprise seeing all the kids all grown in such a short time.

Food was yummy as usual and I had to stop myself form gorging the fried lumpia lest I run out of “gastric” space for dessert. Hehehe…

Since Gret’s hubs, Marcel, was in the US, we tried calling him via Skype. It was a funny sight seeing our group whipping out the Macs (we had 3 on the table), chatting, Skype-ing and checking out some blogs (!) and Google to search answers for Gabrielle’s assignment on God’s qualities.

We couldn’t be any more high-tech! I even heard Monica’s youngest daughter, Sofia, say, “This table now looks like a study group!”. Or something like that… Hahaha!


It was the first time we combined good food with good WIFI surfing. It definitely gave a new dimension to our party…

Have a safe trip back to the US, Gret and kids! *Waves*
Thanks for dinner and wifi Mons! *Waves again*
Good to see you Estee, Ingrid and everyone else!

Have you done dinner and WIFI together with your friends? 🙂

Gret, Estee, Monica, moi & JakeManny, Kyle, Jerry, Dennis

Take 2 with the Fernan, Climaco and our kids
a (kinda) blurry pic

Wongs, Fernans, Climacos, Rapeses
this one is a little clearer


12 Responses to "Foodies & WIFI"

hahahah! fun and cool!!!

ma-try nga minsan=D

Kaka-aliw! 😀

when we had wifi in the office way back 2001, it was always a party! then in 2003, we had the airport express for the macs and was even more a party as we can share the Itunes library of the others and have a blast, literally.

coming from the marina del rey office, the parties became less hectic…it was always over bottles of beer…kinda regressed hahahah

It’s great to have friends who share similar likes. However in this case, we just had the same gizmo – an iBook, which we use for a lot of different reasons. One uses it more for managing emails, the other for Skype-ing and myself for the joy of blogging. 🙂

Kaya yung mga nagsasabi na wala akong ibang kausap kundi computer… di lang siguro marunong gumamit. Hahaha!

Hi there!it’s really fun sharing same interests with friends. Aray ko, I’m not the techy type too still trying hard to learn and it’s nice knowing friends who are on hand to help.
Nice pics seeing pretty Cebuanas here. Thanks for the peep.

yes, pero not with macs pa (low tech) hehe. back when we were in charlotte, our house was a hot-spot (we have a wireless router), so minsan my misis friends and i would get together, whip out our laptops and ym (not skype, though) our other former charlotte friends who’ve moved out to other cities. all while someone’s experimenting, este, baking pala in the kitchen, or the kids are playing DDR, or the guys are playing poker. 🙂 those were great times! i miss them 🙂

Yes I had dinner with friends and WIFE together last Father’s Day at Trinity Resto, along Macapagal Avenue. 🙂

There was some kind of bonding between Rommel’s parents and May’s that evenig. It was indeed fun until we discovered as we went out the resto that one of the tires of my vehicle was totally flat.

Buti na lang two security men of the area volunteered to do it for me, a quadruple bypass patient. 🙂

Uy, thanks for the compliment! Guess what? All the wives in the pictures are not Cebuanas. We’re Manilenyas who are now based in Cebu and 1 is based in the US. 😀 Kaka-confuse no? 😉 Pero tama na rin kasi we’re all married now to Cebuanos. 🙂

That must have been a blast! Maybe you could do that again in your new place. It’s a different way to bond. Hehehe…

WIFE and not WIFI pala ang ibig mong sabihin. Hihihi 😀 Yeah I heard about the Trinity resto treat of May and Rommel. What a good opportunity for Rommel to get the DBS job. Galing!

natawa ako dun sa WIFE – Wifi comment ni Paparazzi. It’s been 38 years and I still get floored from all his puns. very punny guy.

O di ba, galing? Paparazzi has his own brand of humor. Mana kaya tayo sa kanya? 😀

wifi + good food is surely a good formula. but be very very careful with the drinks. i have learned my lesson. one day i was drinking buko juice, it spilled on my husband’s laptop’s keyboard. of course, there was medium damage! now i am very careful with my mac.

my kids and i used to bond, laptops and all, at shangrila’s cafe by the lobby–since more than a year ago, wifi was not longer free.

Ouch… I should be more careful next time we engage in wifi + good food. With kids around and a super-klutzy moi, I really must keep that in mind and the drinks as far away as possible. 🙂

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