First Day High

Posted on: July 5, 2007

On the way to school
The weather was gloomy but not enough to dampen Jake’s excitement over attending his Nursery 1 class for the very first time!

Eager beaver...
Jake stood up as he watched Teacher Maggie use a sponge to paint a strawberry picture… He couldn’t wait to get his hands on that sponge.

Color shavings...
Jake enjoyed putting green color shavings on his strawberry picture…

Jake's turn
Jake volunteered himself for this activity. Teacher Maggie painted Jake’s hands with yellow poster paint while a very curious classmate looked on.

Most awaited...
Snack time of course! That’s not Jake’s Jollibee soda. He brought hotdog roll and Yakult for his snacks today.

Being helpful...
A classmate accidentally spilled his Yanyan snack on the floor. Jake was quick to assist the teacher aide pick up the pieces… Aw…

Family affair
It wasn’t just moi, (from left) Jerry, Kyle and Matt were there too.

For his first day, he visibly had fun singing songs, dancing, coloring a picture using a sponge and some color shavings, having his hands painted yellow and printed on paper, checking out the toys and wall decor in the room and making new friends with his classmates. Looking at him all independent in there made me one proud momma.

And of all the things I saw Jake do this morning (though some of them were annoying…but that’s another story), I was mighty proud to see him eat his healthy snack… Much to my relief, he didn’t get envious (what’s a milder word?) at the sodas and french fries that he saw around.

After school, as I was leading him out of the door to meet his Pa and elder brothers…

ME: Did you have fun today?
JAKE: Yes! I’ll go to school again later!
ME: Hehehe… You’ll go to school again tomorrow.


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Wow! May school na pala siya. Ang galing how he was so well-behaved! And excited to go back again… later!

Too excited nga… parang kiti-kiti during some of the lull moments.

Jake was really cool today! During one of their dances, he stood beside the teacher as if showing all his classmates the moves 😀 This boy is definitely “artistahin” 😀

Kabado nga ako because he has the tendency to boss his classmates around! At one point he said: “Hey, stop running!”. And when the other boys kept running, he said: “Hey! I said STOP RUNNING bitaw bah!”


Jake’s first day of school was an exciting moment in his young life but more memorable and priceless moment for you and Jerry. My son, Kevin, is now 18 but my memory of his first day at Pre-K is still very vivid. Enjoy the moment!

wow sandwich and yakult vs. all the junk food around and not a single tinge of envy…good for Jake. i think the bossy part is genetics. 🙂

how come Zia and Jake are in the same level? are they the same age?

Yes it will always be a priceless moment for us. I wish I also had a video of Matt & Kyle’s 1st day in pre-school… Tomorrow is going to be another memorable day.

Hahaha! Genetics? From our side of the family kaya? 😀

Nursery 1 is for kids aged 2 1/2 – 3 1/2. Zia and Jake are in the same age bracket since Jake is only 6 mos older than her.

yeyyyyy! what a good 1st day for him… that’s cool how you guys can all be there for him… here, i dont think you can stay for the whole time!

i love yakult!!!!

Congrats Jake! Today is the first day of the rest of your life as a student.I could see you are enjoying your day to the brim!

For one, you don’t look like a ‘color blind.’ Your Lolarazzi and I are very proud of you as much as we are for Zia!!! 😉

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The elder boys wanted to see their former preschool so it wasn’t hard to make them tag along. 😀 I hope 2nd day is equally good, if not better for Jake. Sarap nga ng Yakult!

Thanks! I am sometimes in disbelief that I’m doing this all over again… Parang kelan lang sila Matt & Kyle… Hay… Waxing nostalgic na naman ako…

Hey! I checked out your website and was pleasantly surprised that your outlet is in Cebu! I’d love to have one photo bracelet made. I will definitely drop by one of these days. Thanks for visiting!

natutuwa ako at how jake puts his sandwich back in the plastic bag while he’s chewing, and then takes it out again when he wants to take a bite, and then back in again. napaka-neat naman heheh.

i’m glad jake enjoyed his first ay in school, may ibang bata kasi natro-traumatize. sana ninna will have a good experience din when its her time to go to school. 🙂

wow. complete ang cheering squad! 😀

Early signs of being OC? Hehehe… I was also amused looking at that. Im glad you noticed. 😀

I’m sure Ninna will have fun in preschool when the time comes. She seems to enjoy the company of people. 😉

Oo nga! Curious lahat at how Jake will fare on his 1st day. Hahaha.

Wow, family affair!! That’s great that he adjusted so quickly. Sobra, he is the cutest!!

Thanks! Medyo naninibago pa. He sometimes insists on doing something ahead of the others. Hahay… 😀

So d-day has come. Ang sarap nga ng feeling seeing them in their uniforms on their first day of school. I also can’t help but notice jake’s oc-ness. Sabi ko nga kanila mama while we were watching the video, “ay ang galing, binabalik niya sa plastic yung sandwich”. Akala ko ako rin lang ang naka-notice. heheh. Zia cannot stay at one place for a long time. Tolerated kasi na kapag kumakain, pwedeng umikot ikot. Haay, sana pag nag 3 narin siya, ganyan narin siya kabait. Wising and hoping!

Sa next week pa makakasuot ng uniform si Jake. I wasn’t able to claim it Friday afternoon because of work. I was already absent in the morning kasi.

So you also noticed that. It was actually my first time to see that too. Naaliw ako.

Jake isn’t all that behaved… He also walks around when bored. 😀

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