Posted on: July 31, 2007

1. Ratatouillen. A vegetable stew, usually made with eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and onions, seasoned with herbs and garlic

2. Ratatouille“It is about a rat that wants to be a fine chef in a top French restaurant in Paris. It is a wonderful story about following your passions when all the world is against you. A rat to a kitchen is death; a kitchen to a rat is death.”

3. To Jake, Ratatouille is the very 1st movie he has seen in a movie theater (last full screening 920 pm). I was certainly surprised at him and half expected him to fall asleep midway through. Hihihi…. I guess it was funny enough to make him sit the entire (2 hrs) time. I hope he remembers his first foray into movie watching… even after many years.

Thumbs-up from Jake after seeing his first ever movie!

How about you? What’s the very first movie you ever saw in a movie theater?


10 Responses to "Ratatouille"

wow! the movie must be really good for him to sit and watch at that hour…

Hahaha! I never thought that Jake would last till 11:30!

movie must be really fun to watch! sige nga kami rin minus A! 🙂

it’s nice that you’re able to document a lot of things about your kids. i want to do the same for A. kakatuwa to let them read those posts when they grow up.

I was pleasantly surprised at Jake myself. 😀

About documenting my kids’ moments, I’m actually torn between giving too much and too little details. If only the internet was 100% safe… As it is, I mull over what and what not to write.

i love, love, love the photo!!! Sooo cute!!! 🙂
am going to see the movie palang later 🙂

ang hirap naman ng question mo…baka black and white pa ang una kong napanood. but i do remember childhood weekends spent watching movies at our neighborhood theater in Malabon Sea-ty. 😀

si Julie, the first movie she watched in a theatre was Madagascar.

Thanks! That was taken after the movie at 1130pm! No sign of “antok” 🙂

Hahaha! Ganun na ba katagal yun? Black and white pa? Ako din di ko na maalala yung first ko but the next ones medyo alam ko pa. 😀

the movie (maybe not my first but it’s the only one which i can recall) i saw as a child was “The Ten Commandments” (starring charlton heston and yul brenner, hehehe). what made it more memorable was our car radio got stolen while we were in the moviehouse. how ironic is that? thou shall not steal? hahah!

si ninna naman, recently lang, her first moviehouse experience was the harry potter movie (which she slept through, thankfully, because it was PG-13). i desperately wanted to see it kasi, kahit kasama si ninna (selfish no? hehe). i vow to take her to another movie na she can appreciate. perhaps ratatouile will do it? 🙂 sana thumbs up din siya like jake 🙂

The Ten Commandments was a rather long movie wasn’t it? The car thieves must have known that the car owners wouldn’t be back for a while and so they had enough time. 😦

If Ninna is fond of seeing cute little mice, Ratatouille should do it for her. Hehehe…

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