Safe(r) Trips Ahead…

Posted on: September 2, 2007

I remember turning 180-degrees on a street in Sto. Nino after dropping off Ma at my Aunt’s place. Before I could complete the bend, BOOM, I heard a loud popping noise from inside the engine. All of a sudden the steering wheel wouldn’t move and dark fluid from the Pajero’s bowels started to gush. Uh-oh. It was 9:30 PM. I was driving alone with no idea on car troubleshooting and the car was blocking half of the street!

Once, on our way to Jake’s birthday party at City Sports Club, the car just went dead on us. After several attempts with the ignition…still nothing. Darn, just perfect… We were dressed for a party with then 1 year-old Jake cramped together with everyone in a taxi cab. We were running late for our own hosted party.

Last Christmas, we were going up the mountain to take Junnie and Mitzi to the Mountain View Resort when one of the giant hoses just burst open. We were stranded up there for a good hour until help came.

Just recently, at 5:30 PM, I drove from my office parking slot to the boys’ bus stop. I noticed that the airconditioning system wasn’t cooling enough. Freon problem, I thought. Jerry would be home the following day, he’d handle it. As I was driving back to my office with the boys, we noticed an unusual sound. I looked at the temp and LO! We were overheating!

Another car mishap here

Ah, the travails of having an old car… We felt it was time for us to look for a replacement. There were a few options. We test-drove a few models. Criteria: 7-seater, CRDi, automatic transmission, no cash outlay, with trade-in program, and below commercial interest rate. After some negotiations, one dealer was just God-sent. ALL factors for consideration were actually met by this one. Yay!

Earlier this morning, we brought our 2-day old car to the church for blessing.

Have a safe week everyone!

15 Responses to "Safe(r) Trips Ahead…"

Very nice!!!! I was looking at a Carens here in Manila last week and it was impressive! Congratulations on the new car! =) Hope you are well!

Rondo looks a mean-spirited dude…carries 7 people no problem! Love the gesture of having it seen by MIL as proof of hard labor of Jerry and the family.

Ika nga of one of the best taglines for a car, “You’ve gone a long way, baby!!!!” – God bless all your safe travels!

Sakay kami diyan….

Thank you! It is perfectly sized for our family. 🙂 Now I’d have to get used to driving a lower car. Hehehe.

I read very good reviews of the 2007 Carens/Rondo. And the trade-in feature offered by the Cebu dealer upped the ante for us. We virtually paid 30% downpayment without breaking the bank. And we were even spared the headache of having to sell the Pajero ourselves…

It actually looks a bit like your Toyota Matrix. 🙂

congratulations on the new investment…i miss driving sometimes but a car can wait for now 🙂

here’s to more happy and safer trips in your new ride!

Thanks! We will have to adjust our budget to accommodate this additional amortization… 😀

woohoo! a new car!

Hehehe…. I still can’t shake off the excitement over this new acquisition…

Don’t you just love the smell of a new car? 😀

Carens? I thought you are telling everyone that your next child–a baby girl be named Carens. That looks sleek and a “carry-all” vehicle.

As ever, you have to drive SLOWLY specially when you are in a HURRY– for your new baby to run all around for long! Congrats!

Well Carens is also a “new” baby in a sense hehehe.
And don’t let it’s seemingly diminutive outer appearance fool you. It is very roomy inside! 😀

If you did not see what I wrote on one of the captions, Kia Carens is knows as Kia Rondo in North America. Dito girl sya, sa North Am naman boy sya.


congrats on the new car 🙂 i’m sure your family will enjoy your future travels.

We’re all excited to take it for a spin. 😀

Wow! So,where are you going to take it for a looong drive? 🙂

Take care!

Oh I hope we have enough time for a long drive. As it is, the only trips we make are to school, office church and mall/s. Hahaha!

ooohh nice 😀 sabi nga nila, we should really invest in a good and dependable car, kasi we spend a good amount of time on it with our family members. 🙂 now, pwede na kayong mag-spend ng even more time together – sa long drives! yiheee 😀 i’m so excited for you! 😀

So far, for the 1st week of driving the new car, I’m actually impressed by it. Maneuverability… fuel-efficiency, comfort, size… Value for money talaga. 🙂

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