Which one is that again?

Posted on: September 4, 2007

Except for the 80’s, I don’t have that much favorites when it comes to the latest music. Sometimes my preference for any genre is mood-driven… I tune in to whatever I feel like listening to…

This afternoon after a trip to the bank, Jerry and I were driving back to our office when John Legend’s song played on Y101.

“Let’s go to the park
I wanna kiss you underneath the stars
Maybe we’ll go too far
We just don’t care,
We just don’t care,
We just don’t care.”

“Hey, Jake knows how to sing that!” I said, turning the volume louder as I loudly sang to it as well. I was amused at how 3yo Jake has picked up singing a song that is not for his age…. only his lyrics aren’t exactly what they should be. Hehehe… I have the elder brothers to blame for that…

“Let’s make love, let’s go somewhere they might discover us
Let’s get lost in lust
We just don’t care,
We just don’t care,
We just don’t care.”

Not content with the volume, I fiddled some more with the button, turning it even louder hoping to fill the car’s cabin with the cool somehow upbeat tune until Jerry disrupted my reverie…

“Nor, that’s not the volume”, he said. “You just turned the aircon knob to “high”….. TWICE.”, he teased. HAHAHA.

What the heck?! I should get to know this new car better ‘no. LOL


12 Responses to "Which one is that again?"

Jake also sings songs from Sting…..”Sending out an SOS, Sending out an SOS”….and with matching nodding of his hairy head 😀

Actually the post was not mainly about Jake, it was for me to segue to my ka-lukringan (absent-mindedness). Heheheh…

Jake’s version: “Sending OUR SOS… Sending OUR SOS!”

Jake reminds me of Zia (big laff) who easily picks up and sings what she hears from radio or tv programs like the Wowowee with matching PAKIMBUT-KIMBUT at AALOG-ALOG actions.

Nakakaaliw nila, indeed!

Bagay kay Zia to do the pakembot-kembot thing. I’d freak out if I see Jake do that!

Soon you’ll be surrogate (grand)parents to Zia di ba? 😀

natawa ako don sa, “Nor, that’s not the volume”, he said. “You just turned the aircon knob to “high”….. TWICE.”, he teased. HAHAHA.” panalo!!! kaya pala naman d ka makuntento sa volume kc iabng “volume” yun!

Korekong dot kong! You got that right. I was so used to turning the volume knob of our old car that it was automatic for me to reach in that general direction. I kept turning and kept wondering why the volume was still the same. 😛


Sounds like a fun moment. I love it when my son’s eyes widen with excitement when he hears a song he likes on the radio. Sometimes I would sing along and he would pout and request me to keep quiet. Poor me! LoL!

I’d like to believe it’s talent brewing in these young kids. Might be a prelude to a singing career ala American Idol. Hehehe.

Hi Linnor, very nice site you got here. I’ll be coming back for sure. I’ve read your post re:100 things about you, naaliw ako (we’re the same on lots of things)…

Aw… thanks! Please keep visiting. 😉

nakakaloka ka sis hahah! sana nagpalusot ka na na-carried away ka sa “hot” lyrics ni john legend kaya tinaasan mo ang temp ng AC, hehehe.

Ay oo nga… bakit di ko ba naisip yun? Hahaha!

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