Letting Off Steam

Posted on: September 7, 2007

Coffee @ Max Brenner
shot at Max Brenner, Makati

When you hardly have time to spare after driving the kids to school (at 2 different schedules), picking them up (again at different times), going home for lunch, setting up a new company, taking charge of the household, etc… the last thing you need is a nagging person who constantly makes you feel like you’re not doing enough… And that person (God bless her) is not even related to me.

What would you do if you were in my moccasins? 😛

Haay TGIF!


11 Responses to "Letting Off Steam"

Of course, you are not complaining, are you?

That’s the beauty of being a doting, hands-on Mommy. In the long run, you would be shouting into the open world as Mamarazzi and I are doing even now: SILA ANG AMING TAGUMPAY!

So sail on, never mind what other people say!

this one always works for me: mas maganda ako kesa sa kanya!!!

i like the coffee in a coffee cup image…obvious ba i didnt dwell on the negative entry…not worth your time i suppose…but yes, let the steam out – just like the coffee from Max Brenner (did i take these shots? i can’t remember)

I agree to you jojo! May mga tao lang talagang ang trabaho is makialam sa buhay ng may buhay! Dami mo kasing blessings, insekyora lng yun!hehe

deadmahin! you know yourself better than anybody else. so if other people think that you’re not doing enough, but you and your family thinks you’re doing absolutely well, then focus more on that.. pakialam ba ng iba hehehe..

Thank you for the encouraging words… 😀

Hey, I like that! Korek yan. 😉

Yeah… such is life you know. Hard to please everybody. Howell…

Hmm… that image came from memory stick, maybe you took it. But i recall taking a pic too, together with the choco fondue. Hehehe… Hard to tell na ba because both of us take great pics? Hehehe. Dream on Linnor.

Hahaha… I pray sana lalong dumami pa!!!

Yeah, I agree. That’s actually what I’m doing para wag na lumaki.

blogging is a great tool for venting, noh? hehe!

keep your head up Linnor, some things/people are just not worth your time nor effort. 😉

Yup! I couldn’t think of a more creative way to vent than to blog about it… hehehe… with a picture to boot.

Thanks. I will keep that in mind. 😉

wow, na-amaze ako sa kape hehe.

if i were you, i would throw my mocassins at her hehehe! kidding! i’m sure she’s not worth the effort and the shoes. as a super mom, you should be immuned to those bullets na! walang talab, sorry na lang siya. 🙂

I must have been PMS-ing when I got sensitive. I’m over that now. Sa susunod, magsu-suot ako ng heels na matulis. Joke. Hahaha.

Aside from the cute coffee presentation, masarap din pala ang choco fondue sa Max Brenner. 😉

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