Local Versus Signature

Posted on: September 19, 2007

Local brand & foreign brand
Red Vanilla vs Coach

I was on my way to work when I took notice of my two bags on the sofa. The one on the left is a local brand I purchased recently from Power Mac for my 13-in laptop and the other is a signature brand given to me as a “pasalubong” (gift) which I use for my daily essentials (aka kikay kit).

I love them both for style and functionality.

Looking at these two, who’s to say one is better than the other?

18 Responses to "Local Versus Signature"

for a super mom slash career woman like you, you need both bags for their function and style! 🙂

p.s. hindi ba mabigat yung bag for your mac?

di ko makita yung pic (dahil siguro blocked dito) but i’m sure both are as pretty. i’d go with my mood when choosing between 2 (or more) equally good things.

p.s. hindi ba mabigat yung mac for your bag? (reverse ng tanong ni Tin, hehe!)

I like the sound of that “super mom slash career woman”….:D

Surprisingly, I don’t find the laptop bag heavy… unless I stuff it with all the other gizmos. Okay-okay lang naman.

Ay sayang… You may check the link for the laptop bag… Hehehe…

If you have the 13-in laptop, you will have to try the bag for size. The bag is designed for a 12-in laptop kasi. Mine fit perfectly after testing 2 other similar bags. 😀

i like both bags. 🙂

pareho ng bag ni mitzi…:) same color and model pa…

Kambal! 😀

i’ve been meaning to buy the redvanilla bag too when I first saw it at Goodfinds of Lifestyle Network. poor me though I didn’t list down the contact details as well the website of the merchant, so that hindered my purchase.

and now, here you are providing the link,,, yey! at last, I can have the same bag too, and yes, i love the black croc too. 🙂

thanks for sharing this Mommy Linnor. 🙂

Yay! You’re most welcome! Glad to be of help. 😀

dahil hindi ako bag snob, i love them both hehehe!

Hahaha… Signature and local brands rather than “fake signature” brands di ba?

whoa! nakakalula rin ang presyo ng local brand na yan

I agree…. Kaso when the company I work for issued us the MacBook, I didn’t want to buy the messenger bag type (which is not really cheap as well)… kaya ayun… pinikitan ko na lang. 😀

That’s the most expensive bag I bought, sa totoo lang. The other branded bags I have are all gifts… Hehehe

Love redvanilla pero medyo mahal din. I use an llbean tote bag para di obvious na laptop laman. Saw that tip in an airplane magazine. Actually, the article was giving tips on how not to have your laptop stolen. Number 1 was to find a bag that didn’t look like a laptop bag. Natakot ako kaya tote bag yung akin. But I love yours. It’s so stylish 🙂

hi linnor. Miss you! Ganda both. I’ve become a bag addict! Where did you get that red vanilla bag? ganda! When you visiting! Your kids are soooo big na!

Hi linnor! love both bags! I’m on the prowl for a good laptop bag also that will fit both my macbook or my 15 inch work laptop. What size did you buy for your black croc bag? I saw some red vanilla bags in Power MAC in trinoma, but not the workday design. 🙂 love love love the coach bag!

When the company I work for issued us the shiny MacBook, I said “what the heck” and went on to buy the best looking bag (that I could afford)… Hehehe…

Miss you too Mare! I think I’m a bag addict wannabe because no matter how I love bags, I cant seem to convince myself to splurge. 😀

I got one for a 12-in bag that surprisingly fit my 13-in laptop. 😀 You’ll have to try it on for size. I’m glad I got lucky. 😉

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