Staying Awake with the Kids… or Not

Posted on: September 21, 2007

Jake posing for the cam
Jake – super energetic

I had visitors yesterday afternoon at work. When one of them volunteered to buy some treats for snacks, I opted for coffee, instead of the usual soda or juice. I was hoping the caffeine fix would keep me awake long enough to put all the boys to sleep.

It took me 15 min tops to drive from my office to the boys’ bus stop to the house. I was feeling kinda re-charged. Yes, the caffeine was working. We had dinner, watched a few minutes of tv and had the usual chit-chat about school and stuff. Then Jake told me: “Ma, lets gowap (go up). I want to play cars.”

He usually says that when he’s feeling woozy and ready to sleep. So I felt glad that he was ready to doze off while I was still alert. I thought I should do some paperwork after he’s gone to bed. So up we went. The elder brothers stayed behind for a few more minutes.

While in the room, Jake didn’t show any signs of sleeping. He was actively racing his tiny cars on the bed and making those “vroom” sounds as I sat there happily watching him. All of a sudden, my eyelids became heavy. Uh-oh. I can’t believe the coffee was failing me! I heard Jake say: “Don’t sleep, Ma, please.” To which I answered: “I’m not sleeping yet Jake. I’m just closing my eyes.” Yeah right!

To cut the story short, I fell asleep. I didn’t even feel what time Kyle walked up to join me in the room (when Jerry’s out of town) nor when Matt followed. It was already 1245 am when I was jolted awake to find the 3 of them all squeezed on 1 bed and a couch.

To be honest about it, I didn’t feel good I didn’t have that much energy to spend a longer time with them…

Its a weekend… could you suggest a way to make up to my boys? 😀

Jake & his stuffed ball


5 Responses to "Staying Awake with the Kids… or Not"

hi sis, i think iyang ganyang mga bagay talaga ang di mo maiiwasan pag supermom ka. pero meron naman talagang limit ang ating katawan so its understandable. pero at least you’re more than willing to make up for it with them over the weekend. 🙂 hmmm, where to go? what to do? maybe you can ask the boys what they want to do and you can all do that – sort of a three wishes thing (one for each of the boys). 🙂

So you were ‘sleeping on post’? But I won’t blame you for that. A busy-body like you easily falls asleep specially when you spend your time profitably working and paying attention to your kiddos.

Ako ganun din when you were still young. More importantly, I go to sleep to avoid sins because I believe that if you do not have sins, you go to Heaven. Yes? 🙂

next time, try energy drinks. i believe they’re stronger than coffee and i take it when i feel i won’t be able to stay up for 9 hours in the office.

as for today’s activities, Meeya is right. Ask the boys where they want to go. It’s easier than you thinking and when you’re there, ayaw pala nila. Mag away pa kayo. Kami, we don’t have a choice, may celebration sila Papa sa Knights kaya dun kami later on Mama’s bday.

instead of coffee, i drink tea. problem is, those caffeine drinks give you a brief high and can give you a terrible headache later. 😦

if you haven’t, start taking vitamins kaya?

doesn’t matter where you bring the kids, basta gising si mommy, happy yang sila. 🙂

Great idea! Saturday the boys spent the whole afternoon tagging along their Pa. They seemed to just love it spending time together with Jerry who’s out of town every week…

I just let them be.

Hahaha! I’m not surprised to hear that from you. Your “sleepy-ness” genes are definitely manifesting in me now. I fall asleep so easily sometimes I wonder what insomnia is all about.

Energy drink? I haven’t tried that yet. Which one is effective for you? Perhaps it’s worth a try when I’m faced with tight deadlines.

That’s where I’m not consistent – taking vitamins. You’re right, I should start taking multi-vitamins. I guess I’m already immune to the effects of caffeine that it doesn’t keep me awake long enough anymore.

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