The Face Behind the Blog

Posted on: September 23, 2007

Reading through Rowena’s blog, I saw her answer a meme about “the face behind the blog” and thought I should tag myself. Heh… As if my pics are not all over this blog that I still feel the itch to post one more. Vanidosa.

Well, I have stored in my Mac some precious images of the “olden” days (aka my youth). I might as well post one here to scare you share with you. Wala lang. Feel free to say I’m cute comment. And if you’re up to it, I tag you too.

Here it is… Paparazzi has a good story to share about this shot. Hehehee…

Meron pa kayang Brown Studios? šŸ˜›

If I had a daughter, I wonder if she would look like me. Hmmm….

***Belated Happy Birthday Ma! ***


16 Responses to "The Face Behind the Blog"

I have a lot..check out my…especially the first picture on the right…parang kamukha nung picture dito kaya lang pinapayat at pinalaki šŸ™‚

medyo hindi clear yung instructions…go to…go to photos…go to may…and check out the first photo on the right. ayus!

Ngyaiks! Ang payatot ko pa sa pics. Hahaha!

That photo is a Classic Masterpiece that recreates the exact color, texture and beauty of the prototype even if she is what she is today!

Do you know a short story about lovely pause even before it was taken? Here it is. Your Mom got this promotional coupon from representative of Brown Studio of Escolta inviting all pretty and good looking kids ages 1-3 for a discounted price. As a bonus, all 3 takes of all participants would win a price of free copies (black & white and sepia) and an album plus a display of the winning pose photo in the studio for everyone to see.

So off we went from our apartment in Sampaloc to the Studio. And one week after the photo session, we were informed that… our lovely baby won all the prices! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

I thought I heard another version of the story from Ma. The version was that you and Ma were enticed into having my photos taken for free but you ended up paying for the shots. Hahahaha….

But your version makes me feel like I was some sort of a photo studio model. Naks.

Haay…. memories… And I can’t even remember any of it. Hehehe…

what with all the self-promotion?

i never liked having my picture taken (maybe until now)…i’d rather be behind the camera na lang šŸ™‚

i guess the beauty genes of the family was shared between the 2 sisters…i got the “cuteness”

how about this, try putting jake in a dress with a wig? tingin ko may resemblance hehe. so para ka na rin nagka-baby girl. šŸ˜€

Hahaha! Did you see the baby pic I sent you over at Facebook? Contrary to what you said, you were not camera-shy then.

Meron resemblance ba? I always think my boys are carbon copies of the dad. Hehehe….

lovely pix, no wonder, you won all the prices.. and hey, the way paparazzi wrote it, i could still hear the proudness of a dad.

hey linnor, i was looking at my old photo blog and i remembered that there was another member of fotopages from cebu. i visited your old blog and i found out that you’d moved here. this new blog of yours is pretty nice, i must say šŸ™‚ i have a new photo blog. there aren’t a lot of photos there yet but we’ll be posting more soon. check it out when you have time šŸ™‚

by the way, how’s that t-shirt business? šŸ™‚

as how my ate describes amelie, ang ‘cutay’ ng pic linnor! šŸ™‚

Hi Linnor, ang cute mo naman, naku dapat me tf ka dun sa studio before…he he

great site. how did you learn surigaonon btw? šŸ™‚


Hehehe…. Sabi ni Paparazzi, ako ang fave daughter nya… kung wala yung sis ko. Ngeks! šŸ˜› Karinyo brutal!

Glad you found me here. šŸ™‚ I did visit your site. Lovely photos you have there! šŸ˜€

Hahaha… katawa naman ng term – “cutay”…

Di pa yata uso ang TF that time. Hehehe. šŸ™‚

Thanks! My Paparazzi is from Surigao del Sur while my Ma is from Surigao del Norte. šŸ˜€

Such a lovely and am sure a treasured photo. Love your dad’s story …and your mom’s version as well.

Nostalgia feel!

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