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Posted on: November 18, 2007

Thank you Em Dy for this award:


And thank you to Julie for this:


So this must be how actors and actresses feel when they receive awards as a recognition of their thespian talents – proud and happy for being recognized. Only, the difference is actors/actresses receive awards for portraying make-believe roles while blog awardees receive awards for writing about true stories or snippets of real life.

My blog is here to chronicle our family’s life journey and if in some ways I was able to touch parts of my readers’ lives, it’s a wonderful bonus. it does take journalling to a higher level.

Thank you…thank you…

Meanwhile, I’m passing the “I Love Your Blog” award to Luisa of Beyond Normal and the “Nice Matters” award to Meeya of Confessions of a Domesticated Party Girl. Meeya dear, I do enjoy the manner by which you write and put humor to your posts. I hope you don’t think I’m doing this to reciprocate the award you gave me a few months back (hehehe).

And here are more…

Thanks to Meeya for this:


And I pass it on to Junnie of Memento for the lovely photographs that go with his inspirational and thought-provoking posts… This is not nepotism ha.

And last but not the least:

Thanks to Jo of Precious Thoughts for the:


This goes to all the lady bloggers out there. Special mention goes to May of C’est notre maison and Mimi of Thought Balloon. Stay fabulous mommies!

Giving these awards is as much fun as receiving them. Keep on blogging everyone! You all deserve the “great blogger” award. 😀


15 Responses to "Blog Awards"

Hi there.. mimi told me about your site. I am very honored to be given the iloveyourblog award.

I hope you don’t mind if I link you up.


You deserve that award, Linnor, for being consistent in your posts, for sharing your wonderful family.

Take care and continue writing your journals for your sons to read later on when it is their turn to write theirs.

I’ve been a lurker at your site for quite some time. 🙂 Your posts strike me as really heart-felt. Keep blogging. 😉

I couldn’t thank you enough for the award. 🙂 It sure warms the heart. 😀

at na special mention pa kami. yey 🙂

coffee tayo minsan ni luisa 🙂

Hahaha! Of course, fab moms kayo eh just like me… Nyahahah!

Sure, I’m game for coffee 😉

wow, salamat. i love that snippet saying how inspirational the pics and some contents are from Memento…ill surely work harder to keep it that way…again, salamat.

magkano nga ba kailangan mo? hahahah (may lagay pala, kaya may award 🙂

it’s really true, junnie’s pics and blogs are inspiring.

i wanna give you both an award. my first ever encounter with blogging was with your blogs. you made me interested.

Talaga? Give mo ako ng loonie??? Gandang pamasko yan! Hehehe…. If there’s another thing we share in common other than love of blogging, it’s photography. I want to improve on my amateur skills. 😀

Thanks din Mi…. We both have loved ones who are abroad. Blogging is a good tool to keep updated din. I’m glad you got interested. I think you have more blogs than I do now. 😀

Just wondering if there are special awards for people who write comments regularly. 🙂

But it is a lot nicer to write nice blogs about family and other subjects without expecting any award or anything in return from co-bloggers!

Just the same congrats for being recognized as such with those awards. Frankly, I think you merit and deserve all of them and more! 😉

uy salamat for the award, hehehe! pramis, hindi ako naghintay ng reciprocation (though medyo it took you long enough…) jk! 😀

thanks talaga for this, from the bottom of my heart. 🙂 and as for all these awards you received, you deserve them all! *muah*

Sige I’ll make an award for the most active commenter… Hehehe

I think it helps when there are great subjects to write about- like your family and mine. Hehehe…

You’re welcome, Linnor. Keep the posts coming.

Yes, crossing my fingers now not to always find the time to update. Hehehe….

you’re welcome!


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