Valentine Side-Story

Posted on: February 17, 2008

Paparazzi & Matt

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I knew there was something more to the pre-valentine rosebud and box of Toblerone I received. That Wednesday afternoon after school, I got a call from Matt asking me if he and Kyle could take the driver to Ayala Mall because they needed to buy something. I said okay and thought nothing of it. They usually had to buy something for school anyway.

So flashback to that night I was on the bed posing for Jerry with my rosebud and Toblerone… Matt came up and sat next to me…

“Ma, is it okay for me to give a gift to someone on Valentine?”, he sheepishly asked.

I said “Why, of course it’s okay…”. And I proceeded to kid him about the trip to the mall… that it was more for buying his gift for the girl than for buying me the flower and the chocolate… We laughed at his futile attempt to deny it. Then he hugged me, kissed my cheek and said. “Thank you, Ma.”

After he’s gone out of my room, I sat there trying to make out the surge of emotions that came over me. I know this was a teen phase and that there was nothing serious about it. But must he grow up so soon? I wasn’t ready yet to share his attention with somebody else. Where did 14 yrs and 7 mos go?

Alas, I thought I prepared myself for this… I wonder when I will ever be ready.


15 Responses to "Valentine Side-Story"

aww.. i’d be so jealous, linnor! 🙂

Tell Matt its still too early for love! “,)

Does that mean that in 3 more years patrick will be asking me the same question???

Oh!!! Oh no? 🙂

I guess that’s how I exactly feel… jealous, a bit. *sigh*

Yup, I told him that… He said I have nothing to worry… He doesn’t even call or sms the girl. She’s a classmate.

Yeah… oh no!!! Not yet…

aw… u know, mama felt the same way. before, from kinder until grade 6, santino would always buy her a white rose. eh grade 7 and 1st year HS wala na, but he bought his crush a little teddy bear. she almost cried. hehe.

I could truly relate! Haay… I know sooner or later this would happen, I just hoped it would be later though.

i don’t know which is harder, to be a mother of girls or of boys…but i know i’d dread the day my girls will have barkadas of their own 😦

whatever happens, you will continue to be the apple of his eyes and heart…nothing will change, except the time spent with each other…

hang on there…you have kyle for the next 4 years. and jake for 10 more years!

Hard to tell the difference I suppose. *sigh*

Major mommy moment kasi… I’m sure I will always feel the same way when it’s Kyle and it’s Jake’s time. 😉 I hope they’re never too old to need me. Hehehe…. I know…I’m being emo.

ohhhh noooooooooo!!! they sure do grow fast… prepare yourself for more to come in the future.. coz ang sunod nya, js prom/prom, first official date, gf.. don lang muna.. kasi baka yung susunod eh ma banned mo na ko dito sa site mo..hehehe

i gotta agree with your brother though, you will always be THEIR heart=)

this says a lot about your relationship with Matt na he tells you about these things instead of just, you know, going ahead without your knowledge. and i think you did the right thing by supporting him, kasi at least hindi manliligaw behind your backs di ba, and usually that leads to more trouble, hehe.

my gosh, binata na talaga ang anak mo. 🙂

binata na nga si matt. but it’s so nice that he has that close relationship with you that he shares those things. buti na lang may kyle and jake pa! 🙂

Yes… it’s not going to take long for sure. Soon it will be the prom/s. *Sigh* again.

Thanks for noticing that sis. Yeah, I think that’s really something I should be thankful about. 🙂

I will savor (more) every bit of time I have with the younger ones now. 😀

it’s so nice reading this story from you… hehe i wonder how my mom feels now, my younger brother has a gf, and the youngest one, i believe, is courting some girl already… i felt the urge to read your blog cos jerry told us about this story last night hehe 😀

and i would say your little Matt is so sweet to get you gifts for Valentines Day… my brothers didnt even think of that 🙂

take care and see you soon!

– dae

I’m preparing myself for when these boys would start to live on their own with their own families. It’s bittersweet. On one hand, you want them to be independent. On the other hand you want them to be your babies forever.


I’m glad to see you here. I hope you come back. 😉

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