Wardrobe Preference

Posted on: February 21, 2008

Rockstar dude meets diva

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One afternoon, while inside the car, Jerry said “Jake, tell Mama what you told me earlier.” Jake, who was sitting on his nanny’s lap, gave me a very wide smile but didn’t say anything at first. “Ok, what did you do in school this time?”, I said chuckling.

“Ma…. (Jake was grinning)… Teacher Cai said…. (now I was getting nervous)…” , Jake haltingly narrated.

I just looked at him as I tried (in my mind) to egg him to speak up. “…Teacher Cai said… I should wear briefs.”, he continued.



The following day, we made sure to buy his pack of briefs. Jake is actually potty-trained. At home he even naps in the afternoon in his shorts without his diaper. He just wears his diaper at night under his jammies especially since he finishes 3 bottles (21 oz) of milk even while he sleeps. I just thought it was the school’s requirement to keep pre-schoolers in diapers to avoid “accidental leaks”.

Anyway… so there, another son of mine coming of age. 😀


14 Responses to "Wardrobe Preference"

Of course on the first “brief” day….Jake comes home and says….I “wiwi” in my brief 😀

I guess, it’s more because he’s shy to excuse himself or ask the teacher’s permission to go and relieve himself than not being able to contain it. Hehehe…. I hope. 😀

You should get him Spider Man briefs! He’ll love them!

buti na lang you followed it up by saying that jake still wore diapers, akala ko talaga jake was going commando in school, haha!

ako naman, i’m thankful that ninna’s potty-trained already. besides, required dito na potty-trained na ang kids pagpasok sa preschool and they also have to know how to go potty by themselves. hayun, trained nga kami pero hindi naman nag-school. 😛 at least, menos gastos sa diaper, hehe.

Hmmm, I’d go check these Spider Man briefs this weekend. Hehehe…

Commando? That would be hilarious! In playgroups, the school would usually require disposable diapers. Now that I know diaper is not part of their regular uniform, I’m actually relieved. Menos gastos na nga and more environment-friendly pa. 😀

i can imagine him telling you… nad-dyahe and all. ang cute! he he. ayayay… potty-training. just thinking about it i know it’ll be hard for both me and amelie. 😦

i almost fell off my chair laughing at jerry’s first comment!

you guys are such cute parents!

oh the “commando” comment is hilarious too! hahahahaha 🙂

hahaha… i’m sure jake feels like a grown up now that he is wearing briefs to school.

Imagine, marunong na palang mahiya when talking about underwear. Hehehe… Don’t worry, she will eventually learn to potty when the time comes for Amelie.

LOL. You really have to find the humor in these things… especially with kids. Hay katawa nga…

Oh yes, he even refuses to be called “baby”.

meeya and i had the same thought.. ahaha!
naku linnor, and the fact that jake was at first shy to tell you this means he’s starting to feel awkward about some things. naku, mommy’s heart better be prepared for kids growing up so fast! 🙂

Hahaha… I was afraid you’d think that. Yes, Star, I am trying to work out this heart of mine to prepare for the inevitable… Time sure flies. *Sigh*

Akala ko rin he was going commando. *L* Awww, big boy na siya lalo, Linnor!

Ayayay… if i could only hold back the time… 😀

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