In less than a week…

Posted on: March 5, 2008

… Jake will turn 4…

I’m pretty sure I have an idea of what he wants for his birthday… Great timing that Tito Junnie is coming… 😀

Jake and 2nd degree cousins Renzo, EJ and Lois

Last weekend while in the car with the boys, 11 yo Kyle said: “Ma, I know what I want for my birthday (in Oct yet… hehehe)… a pair of Converse shoes.” “Oh, okay… we’ll see if that’s what you still like when the time comes,” I said knowing for sure that he might change his mind within the next 7 months.

“Hey, Tito Junnie is coming, we might be able to ask him to get us something then” I blurted out. “On second thought….”, I said stopping mid-sentence after realizing it was cheaper actually to get shoes locally at Mamplasan.

“Ah, I know!” Jake interrupted. “I’ll tell Tito Junnie I want a PSP!”

Aha! Brilliant idea!


19 Responses to "In less than a week…"

Pasko was my key code….i think it was telling me something 🙂

Will see…will see

(guess what the next key code is – “bigayan”) yes, it’s telling me something 😛

My KeyCode was also bigayan! Hahaha!

wow, great idea jake! 😀 buti na lang tito junnie is such a generous uncle! 🙂

Di rin sya masyadong mahiyain sa pag-wish noh? Hehehe… I actually didn’t have a hand in that.

Email ko na lang sayo yung wish ko. Nyeheheh.

i’m sure junnie can’t say ‘no’ to that wish. hee hee. 🙂

hahaha! ang galing.. smart kid.. and ang bait ni tito junnie….

wow! he’s so lucky naman he gets to go to the Phils alot

Korek. Ayan, napapasubo na sya. Hahaha!

Their Tito Junnie is also a kid at heart. I think he revels in seeing his nephews and niece (from my sister) happy.

Tama ba? You revel in seeing them (AND ME!) happy. 😀 Katakot-takot na hint na yan, hala. 😉

yung code ko aguinaldo 😉

am wishing that jake gets what he wants 😉

Ang aga mag-plan ng wishes ha. By the time its Oct, the list might get longer.

Tito Junnie, ambait mo naman – sige, Wii na lang.

time flies. 4 na si jake!

pwede rin kayang magwish si zach for hist 1st birthday? 😉

Go Jake!! 😀

sarap talaga ng may tito na galante! “,)

My keycodes are words that comprise my happy thoughts…. Wish ko rin he gets what he wants. Di ko pa afford to spend that much on toys. 😉

Pinipilit ko nga yung Wii. Bigat daw! Heehee…

Hahaha! Why not??? 😀

Go din ako sis! Baka maka-gets din ng pasalubong. Kapal ba?

Buti na lang talaga… *Aherm* Hehehe… sipsip ako masyado.

Buti na lang hindi ako ang Ninong. Ako ay isang pinagpalang hamak na Lolo lamang! If I were the Ninong, I have to give and give ’til it hurts!

HAPPIEST OF ALL BIRTHDAYS, JAKE! We all love you dearly!

Don’t worry, Jake’s Tito Junnie and Ninang Mitzi have you covered… 😀

happy birthday jake! i love how tito junnie’s in the hot seat in this post. but i’m sure he’ll deliver 😀

psp the kids version for celphone.. my boys are equally crazy about it.

Hahaha…Junnie was really put on the spot here!

Ay… kids these days! As if these kinds of toys come cheap. 🙂

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