Maximum Tolerance

Posted on: March 7, 2008

One day after school, I saw Jake with scratch marks on his face.

JAKE: Ma, Carl fight me again.

ME: Did you tell Teacher Cai?

JAKE: Yes…

His nanny proceeds to say that the teacher always calls the attention of Carl because he always figures in petty tiffs with the other nursery kids… And she adds that the mom is always advised about her son’s behaviour… Anyway…

ME: If Carl goes near you, just walk away

JAKE: But he will follow me man

ME: If Carl follows you, tell your teacher

JAKE: Teacher Cai will get mad but Carl will still follow me… I will sumbag (hit) him na lang

ME: No, a good boy doesn’t hurt or hit another person

JAKE: But he will fight me

ME: Best to tell your teacher

JAKE: If he will fight me I will hit him and throw him in the trash can! (of course he couldn’t be serious, but he kept mumbling about hitting or throwing him in the trash can)

JAKE: If he gets my toy again, I will throw him in the trash can! (trash can na naman)

ME: No… that’s not the way to make him stop…

And this conversation would go on for a few minutes…

JAKE: … I will throw him in the trash can…

ME: Well if he goes near you the next time… (my voice trailing…. inaudibly….) give him a quick kick.

JAKE: Ok Ma!

Did I just say that?

Rocky Jake


16 Responses to "Maximum Tolerance"

[insert music: eye of the tiger]

i wouldn’t know how to deal with something like this either. pero bilib ako kay jake, he’s matapang! i guess, having two older brothers helps? πŸ™‚

hahaha! funny conversation!

sa amin, baliktad! santino does not like fighting or hitting back or revenge, its my parents who tell him and teach him to do so! hehehe :p

but its nice to know you have a fiesty side too πŸ˜‰

Oh yes, imagine a room with 3 boys with me getting caught in the cross-fire… Hehehe. That’s just when they’re playing. πŸ˜€

Na-LSS ko tuloy yung eye of the tiger.

Jake was probably waiting to hear if I will consent to his plan. And when I said the last line, that ended the conversation.

IMO, this is his mini-battle that he can handle by himself. πŸ˜‰

that was an interesting conversation between you and your child. my kid is kinda like Jake.. although mine’s only 2 years old, he’s got the habit of picking up fights with our kids in our area. i always tell him that it’s bad to get into quarel with other kids but he just tells me that he’s imitating what Super Inggo and Kung Fu Kids are doing when they fight with other kids… awww 😦

The influence of media nga naman… Your son could still get away with it though, he’s 2 years old. Hehehe… πŸ˜€

how about “throw him in the trash and tell teacher cai later so she can pick him up?” does that sound like a plan, hmm jake? nah…just kidding! hehehe πŸ™‚ looks jake can take of himself, he’ll be fine, i’m just not sure of the other kid! go jake!

Well, that’s an option. πŸ˜€ I just might have to prepare myself for the principal’s office. Hahaha…

I don’t have a kid yet but I feel that’s exactly what I’m gonna tell him as well. Brought a smile on my sad face today. ^^ Thank you very much.

Hehehe… You’re always welcome! I’m glad to be able to bring a smile on your face. πŸ˜‰

I know I am no parent, but I think I’d give the same advice after exhausting on all those diplomatic approaches. A kid needs to know not only how to choose which fights to pick, but also how to fight back when others trouble him. I’m sure the principal will understand that it has come to that point after much patience on Kyle’s part. And maybe the teacher will learn a thing or two in taking her job more seriously, when this news reaches her boss (the principal).

πŸ™‚ It has come to a point that when I ask Jake about his day, I probe (mildly, so as not to make it appear like a big deal) if there was any trouble with that particular classmate… So far, since that conversation, nothing new has come up. And I hope it stays like that… unless Jake is not telling me anything… Hehe…

Hey John, it’s been a long time… I’m glad to see you here! Wishing you all the best in your endeavors. πŸ˜€

hehe, yeah. I’ve been a negligent blogger for so long (not much for me to blog about these days)

Thanks. Hope all is well. πŸ™‚

Yes! Go Jake!

dont let anyone make you feel you were just 2.8 lbs. Fight! But fight for the Lord and not for anything ha?

and also fight for your right and respect.

Now you remind me… 2 lbs 4 years ago…. What an awesome miracle to see Jake now towering over his N1 classmates πŸ˜€

you can try asking jake to shout “stop!” (while motioning his hand to do so) if the bully attempts to do something to him again.

i dunno what i’d do if amelie falls victim to school bullies.. grr.

make him sumbag the bad boy na lang hehe, jake is such a cutie..

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