What’s Your Story?

Posted on: March 19, 2008


As I stepped into the car where Jerry and Jake were waiting, Jake excitedly blabbered about his day and how school went, finishing part of his story even before I could sit down and close the car door.

“Ma, you know, I fell in school and hit my head on the floor”, he repeated in one breath.

“What? How did that happen?….”, my attention instinctively zeroed in on what he was saying.

“I was with (insert name of classmate which I totally couldn’t remember), when Michael ran and bumped us”, he said.

“Wait, so you mean Michael bumped you and a friend, then you fell down, right?”, I clarified.

“I went to the clinic. Teacher Cai brought me but I didn’t cry”, he continued without answering my earlier question.

“Ok, so you were with a friend when Michael bumped you. You fell down and hurt your head on the floor. Then Teacher Cai brought you to the clinic, right?,” I repeated as I understood it.

“When did this happen, during recess? Where did you fall, inside the classroom or outside? Where was Teacher Cai?”, I interrogated as I began to worry that Jake might have hurt his head badly. Jake stared at me, seemingly confused at this barrage of questions.

“Come on… tell me your story…”, I prodded.

After a brief silence, Jake started talking… “Ok….

…Once upon a time…..”


12 Responses to "What’s Your Story?"

hahaha… smart kiddo!

oo nga naman…stories start with ‘once upon a time’ hahahahaha


that was unexpected! ang galing!

Ok but what really happened to his head? Wala ba bukol? Did you bring him to Cebudoc for the needed x’ray? Is he okay now? As grandpa I am so apprehensive about what happened and all…

And sorry for my probing. 😦

Naisahan na naman ako. Hahahah!

I still laugh about it everytime I remember the way he said it…

I wasn’t expecting that either. Anything is possible with Jake, I guess. Hehehe…

Hehehe…you know kids… Nobody is spared from all the rough and tumbling stuff… I guess seeing how kulit and bubbly and energetic he is now, you’d know it wasn’t really bad.

He doesn’t have bukol, he didn’t have dizzying spells, he didn’t vomit or complain of headache. Thanks for the concern. 🙂 Super kulit pa rin ang bugoy.

….and Jill came tumbling after….The end!

“tralalalalalala…. tralalalalalala….”

keycode ko pa was “kantahan”


hahahahaha! Jakey is just waay to smart for his mama! 🙂

I ended up laughing instead of worrying tuloy… Bugoy talaga….

hahaha. talagang may once upon a time pa. 🙂

buti he didn’t end it with: and they lived happily ever after. 😀 or did he? hehe!

i hope jake’s ok. 🙂

Nasanay yata… Start of story = “Once upon a time”… Haha!

He never got to continue kasi natawa na kaming lahat sa kanya! 😀

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