It’s a Bright World

Posted on: April 7, 2008

It's a Bright World
Andre, Jake, Michael, DD

Jake is seen here with his classmates / friends from the Nursery 1 class. They all participated in yesterday’s big production stage musical entitled “It’s a Bright World” at the Waterfront Hotel Lahug.

Jake was a natural. He was dancing and acting out his (small) part like he’s so used to performing. Now I’m sure “hiya” or being timid is not one of his traits. Thank goodness! That surely came from Jerry’s dna. Hehe…

Judging from the naughty look on their faces, Jake and his friends all look like they had fun… Hopefully these fun-loving young school boys grow up in a bright world indeed.

9 Responses to "It’s a Bright World"

i love the picture! parang pang-poster πŸ™‚

i like the poses of the kids in black! tama si mee, pang poster!

I was impressed din that a point-and-shoot digicam would be able to capture these precocious boys in action. πŸ˜€

I didn’t say pala the role of all the boys in N1. They were all dressed in black with petals on their heads and leaves on their waist. The girls were all in tutu as fairies. Hahaha!

Ang cuuuuuute! Hayyy to be a kid again!

This pic will be a classic when all 4 boys grow up together and see how they were in Nursery 1…i have the same pic with college friends who now are business partners and will one day be a great pic to show off, if not for my thin legs as it was shot 50 lbs ago πŸ˜›

Ang cuuuute nila! Ang cute talaga, nakakatuwa sila Linnor!

Papa Jay and his friends from Notre Dame have grown up together… that’s more than 30 years worth of friendship. Dami na nilang pinagdaanan. Their treasure chest of stories, of times, troubles, and triumphs shared is nothing less than… well, a treasure chest! If these boys grow up with that friendship intact, I am sure they will come out the better for it. Nothing like having people in your life who know you from way back.

Hehehe… unadulterated fun!

I have copies of those pics…. you want me to post? Hahaha!

Ang daling ipa-pose ng mga bugoy na yan…

Thanks for sharing about Kuya BatJay. I agree on all counts. Friendships formed when you’re grown up are most of the time, fleeting. Having long-time friends is a blessing in itself.


love the shot! kung solo nilang apat, poster na poster na πŸ™‚

Justice’s last blog post..On a Pause

Hi Justice! Sana cute pa rin sila kahit di na bata sa future. Hehehe.

you know, that’s one thing we don’t have here — school programs. the teachers here felt that they are not being paid enough to do some extra programs. haaay….

just catching up with my readings… ang dami kong na-miss. πŸ™‚

Sayang din no… sana magkaroon ng extra-curricular activities sa school yung mga kids. It’s one way to tap their hidden talents. Glad you’re not too busy with work na. πŸ˜€

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