To Hug and To Hold

Posted on: May 2, 2008

I was hurriedly getting dressed for work. While moving about with a towel on my head and another one wrapped precariously around my body, Jake, who was playing in the room, started to say something.

Jake: Can I stay here? Can I look at you?
Me: (I pretended not to hear for 2 reasons. I didn’t want to slow down by shooing him off. I could slip into my clothes without baring myself naked after all. And no. 2, I wanted to just let him forget what he just asked me. Hehe..)
Jake: (Didn’t say a word and quietly got up, walked towards me and gave me a hug)
Me: (I hugged him back, still trying to keep my towel on. I was glad he didn’t persist on taking a look at me while I dressed up. That would have scarred him for life. Haha! Or scarred me emotionally if he said anything about how fat I looked.)
Jake: (Looked up at me and smiled)
Me: (I smiled back and hugged him tighter. What’s a few seconds of a tight embrace right? I stood there stroking his head with one hand while tugging at my towel with the other. Why was I even entertaining thoughts of him making fun of my figure? My boy just wanted a hug after all… And that was what I was giving him. I hugged him some more while slowly walking him towards the door. Just before he could finally step out of the room….)
Jake: Ma…you have a very big tummy…
Me: UGH!

Jake the rascal


17 Responses to "To Hug and To Hold"

Hahaha….Jake said: Pa, you have baboy tummy…your description is not that bad….:D

Naku… I hate to describe my tummy as big…. “full” lang. Charing! Kainis ha. Hehehe… Anak mo, bugoy!

hahaha. i agree with jerry. jake is so cheeky πŸ™‚

Hi Denden! I seriously need to cut back… Hahaha!

galing naman ng mga kuha mo. πŸ˜€
thanks sa pagvisit sa photoblog ko πŸ™‚

Fickleminded’s last blog post..Two more weeks….

Salamat Fickleminded! πŸ™‚

but jake is so malambing no? πŸ™‚

christine’s last blog post..LP 5: Malungkot (Sad)

Oh yes… I’m glad he’s still fond of hugging and kissing and being hugged and kissed. The elder boys kinda find it awkward to do the same. Teenagers…hmmm…

Hahahaha ang cute!

toni’s last blog post..Twilight Talk: First Official Pic of Twilight Cast

Hehehe… bugoy eh…

keanu loves to cuddle naman. sabay haharassin ako with, “mommy, you’re squeezing me with your big arms”—thank god he hasn’t met XENA yet haha

Justice’s last blog post..Steak- ala-Tania

Pareho pala tayo…Our kids are so expressive… at our expense. Hehehe…

Tell Jake that that’s where he came from… big tummy for a big baby.

happy weekend!

Ay oo nga…. Kaso among my 3 sons, sya lang ang di malaki… He weighed only 2 pounds when I delivered him. Hehehe….

Hi Linnor, been out of the loop here for a while. I have you on my kinja but i didn’t notice it stopped getting updates reliably for a while now.

Anyway, out of the mouth of babes huh? I remember being in a bowling alley years ago, with my little brother. He was just 4 or something. He pointed to an employee. “Why is that girl so fat?” Haaay!

Hi Pinayhekmi… exactly Jake’s age…4. They just say the funniest things…. no sugar-coating.

hi linnor! thanks for dropping by my site. it’s nice to know another ‘surigaonon’ in the blogworld.

hey, i like the composition of your photos by the way!

Soy’s last blog post..Proud to be Bri-noy

Hi Soy! Come to think of it, I don’t know a lot of Surigaonons in the blogworld. I’m glad to have found your site. I’m also glad you liked my compositions. πŸ™‚

errr… from the mouth of babes? hahaha! ang cute ninyo πŸ˜€

Hi Jet! … Dapat di kami pikon. Hehehe.

That was so funny, Linnor. Touching pa naman yung hugging part and then… boom!… iba talaga ang anak mo. It is good you did not push him out of the door!

Leap of Faith!’s last blog post..Life is Short

Ay naku Leap of Faith, it did cross my mind! Hahaha!

hi linnor, that was really funny & sounds so familiar! πŸ™‚ in my case, Bidik got so excited oz i looked pregnant daw! kaso hindi 😦

Hi Janette! To be mistaken as pregnant is also funny but sure ka di ka preggy? Hehehe….

oh how i wish! but im not 😦

Oh, soon! I’m sure there’s a perfect time *wink*.

i would probably say the same thing..kaso i know how to say it without you getting offended…so there, now you know what i have in mind too…hahahahah…pero di siya halata…ill ask jake if tito junnie’s tummy is as big as his mama’s πŸ˜›

Junnie’s last blog post..Up or Down

Hoy hoy hoy hoy! πŸ˜€ Kaya pa naman i-disguise ito when I suck all the air out of my tummy. Di pa masyadong bulgar. Bwahahaha!

Lokoloko :p hehehe :p

notsquare’s last blog post..Learning

Mana kay Tito Junnie nya! Bwahahaha…

ang mga bata talaga. πŸ˜€ so, did you get scarred emotionally? hee hee! my abby also makes comments about me which would have a different effect kung iba ang magsasabi. hahaha!

It would have scarred me emotionally had he said I was fat. Kaso, malaki lang naman ang tummy. Bwahaha…. Palusot?

naku di ba nga si ninna, she compared me to foofa! ay kung hindi ko lang anak, pinatulan ko na, haha! πŸ˜€

oh well, i guess ang mga anak natin are our konsiyensiya, that as much as we want to deny na hindi tayo chubby, hindi natin mae-escape ang kanilang honesty. πŸ˜€

Meeya’s last blog post..Professional

Korek. Pag sila na ang nag-comment about our shape (or the lack of it), we have to take dieting seriously na. Hahahaha!

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