Posted on: May 25, 2008

I mentioned in my previous post about my aunt & uncle’s ruby anniversary. Just like what I said during my own parents’ 40th anniversary last December 2006, not a lot of married couples get to reach that milestone these days. Pity.

As I savored the food served before us at the reception, I took some and posed for a few shots, with me and Paparazzi taking turns with my digicam. Here are some couple shots from the recent celebration…

The Ruby Couple
The ruby couple… My Papa Lalo and Mama Sol (my mom’s only sibling)

Ma & Pa
My own Pa & Ma :), they celebrated their 40th yr last Dec ’06

Moi and Jerry
Jerry and me… with 24 years more to our 40th :). Notice the orb? That must be our maternal Grandma who passed away last Jan ’08…

Ma & Pa
A romantic silhouette of Pa & Ma as they danced the night away… *Awww…*


9 Responses to "Coupling"

yeheyyy..welcome to wordpress.

Hi Isza… My hosted blog prior to this one was already WordPress ( but it was way different than this one since it had more flexibility. I’m still learning the free with all its limitations ;).

wow! those are really nice shot! we still have 27 years before our 40 years!

Hi Jo! Thanks! I pray that we all get to celebrate our own 40th anniversaries. 😉

galing. missed this big event…pero with the pics parang andun na rin ako…just arrived by the way…

It was a very solemn mass with the church brimming with invited guests and security men. The reception was an even bigger attendance except that GMA had to miss it to attend the wake of Ever Garcia. GMA even had pictures at the wake that got published in the newspaper wearing the gown she wore during the anniversary mass. 🙂

oh wow… seems to be the month for anniversaries… hehe. Jay and I have 13 more to go to our 40th. Maybe by then I’m going to have a proper Church wedding 🙂 That’s what dreams are made of, right?

Oh yes we all our dream of that perfect moment. 🙂 Wishing you and Jay more anniversaries to come.

it’s always nice to read of such celebrations. and the shots! as always—luv it! specially the silhouette of the lovely couple and the cutting of the cake.

Thanks for the compliment Justice. Naka-chamba lang me. 😀

Happy anniversary to your aunt and uncle! As you said, not all couples reach this far – they are truly blessed 🙂

Take care!

Hi Pinky! Praying that we all be as blessed, if not more.

Great photos, Linnor! Love the colors! You & Jerry are blessed have good role models. 🙂

Hi Janette! Pressure on our part? Hahahah! Just kidding.

Congrats to your aunt and uncle. Bongga and cake. It looks so pretty and high profile pa ang guests.

all the best to the couple and more blessed years to come.

I LOVE that silhouette shot! Awww super sweet!!!

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