Making Plans

Posted on: July 19, 2008

Belated Uploads
What could Jake be thinking? Planning to be a doctor someday???

I woke up early this Saturday morning knowing about the boys’ plan to go to the tracks for sprint practice. I planned to join them and to do a few rounds of brisk walking myself but decided against it when I realized they were practicing with their school coach and their classmates / friends. I didn’t want to embarass them for looking like a tag-along mom. You know kids these days… Though the boys don’t openly show their consternation when they bump into us in the malls, I just know they’d rather be left on their own devices when they’re out with their cliques. Mother’s instincts…you know…

“Ma, we’re playing billiards at the club after practice, is that okay?”, Matt, my 15 year old son said as I lay in bed lulling myself back to sleep. “Hmm….Where are you having lunch?”, I asked. “Not decided yet but we plan to watch Dark Knight in the afternoon”, Matt replied.

A few more questions about their itinerary for the day and Matt and Kyle were off, with Jerry driving them to Abellana Sports Complex.

I crawled towards Jake who was still asleep and planted a kiss on his milk-scented nape… Flashback to our earlier conversation…

“Ma, when I’m big na, I want to be in school with A-hia and Di-hia”, Jake remarked. “Oh, but A-hia would be in college by then. Hehehe… But it’s okay. You’d be with Di-hia for a few years,” I told him. “What are your plans by the way?”, I pretended like I was talking to a grown-up half-knowing I’d get wild or weird answer/s from this 4yo kid.

“Uh, I don’t know…”, Jake replied.

With my 15yo and 11.5yo sons planning things on their own for Saturdays or free days and being less available for family … I’d hold on to the thought that Jake has not made plans for himself yet…

…not in the next 7 years at least!


7 Responses to "Making Plans"

he just said his long term plan…that’s my BOY! Forward thinking…Jake seems to be the most affectionate afterall and the brightest pa ata! Wait til you see him grow….this time literally.

nakow parang artistahin itong si Jake mo. Huwag ka lang stage mama ha 🙂 🙂

Ini-enjoy ko itong dalawang bagets ko while ako pa ang kanilang girlfriend at apple of the eyes 🙂

I dont know if I’ll ever be ready to let patrick go out with his friends… it is just scary to see how the teenagers here are ruining their lives with drugs and alcohol.

I’m sure Jake will always be happy to go wherever you go.

He is the most affectionate of them all and very demonstrative too. But don’t be fooled by that sweetness. He could say witty lines that surprise and have Jerry and me laughing.

Minsan di mapigil maging stage mommy. Hehe… Yes I agree. Savor the moments while you are still the center of their attention / affection.

🙂 Enjoy the weekend!

I think about that too. Some kids can really be wild and “pasaway”. Don’t worry about Patrick. He’s been brought up having strong values. That shouldn’t be a problem for you when the time comes. 😉

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