My Son Turns 15 Today

Posted on: July 23, 2008

15 Things About Matt:

1. He is the eldest.
2. He is now bigger and slightly taller than his Pa.
3. His shoe size is 9.5 or 10.
4. He is into basketball and track & field.
5. He won a lot of medals for running.
6. He also won a medal once for swimming (when he was 3 years old!).
7. He is a consistent honor student.
8. He is not a fan of Math but loves Social Studies & History.
9. He loves reading books especially on ancient civilization.
10. He understands Mandarin, Fookien, and Tagalog but doesn’t speak Tagalog fluently…
11. … but is always elected best actor for school plays (even in roles with Pilipino lines).
12. His major role daily is seeing to it that his younger brother reads his lessons and does his homework.
13. He loves texting and chatting online and going out with his buddies on Saturdays.
14. He once tried driving (with his Pa) when he was younger.
15. His guilty pleasure is listening to his iPod which he bought for himself from saving his allowance.

15 things are just a few of what Matt is truly about. There are sooo much more I could write about him I could entitle this entry a thousand things about Matt. Heh. Well, I will have more to write when he turns older next year.

Happy 15th birthday Matthew Michael! *Hugs & kisses*



15 Responses to "My Son Turns 15 Today"

Happy Birthday Matts! Wow…turning 15 today! We are proud of the things you have achieved and for the great person you are turning out to be. You are truly a Gift from God!….

Hey, happy birthday to the budding man! God bless!

Happiest of birthdays, Matthew! Wow, you’re turning 15 na pala. Ambilis ng panahon. May God bless you always and give you good health. Sana maging kasing bait mo si Ziggy-pot.

Wow! 15? Happy Birthday!!!

P.S. You don’t look like you have a 15-year-old! 😀 That’s a compliment ha.

Happy birthday Matt! Time flies…

HI JERRY. *Sigh* Time flies… I used to look at his baby pics… Now I’m looking at (soon to be) an adult.

HI DONDI! How right you are… “budding man”.

HI MAY! Kung puede lang pabagalin ang panahon…

HI TONI! Hahaha. Thanks thanks! 🙂

HI JO! Exactly! Bilis nila lumaki. Sana di mabilis ang pagtanda natin. 😀

you have a 15 year old na? wow, that is an achievement in itself. happy birthday to him!

happy, happy birthday, MATT!

Linnor, can I say something mean? Might be mean to you eh, hehe. Matt and my brother (our bunso, Santino) are of the same age 🙂

HI CARYN! Thanks! 50:50 attributable to me and my hubs. 😀
HI NOTSQUARE! Hehehe… okay lang yan! I don’t find that mean naman. 😀

happy 15th birthday to the good looking Matt!!!
how are you, Linnor?

HI SEXY MOM! Thanks for the compliment. Improvement of the lineage. 😀 Hehehe… I’m doing good, thanks for asking! Getting my blogging mojo back. I hope you’re doing great. God bless!

Aga mo siguro nag asawa kasi you look very young to have a 15 yr old son… 🙂

He is gwapo ha. Belated hday to him 🙂

Startin’ A New Life
Startin’ A New Life too</

Belated happy birthday, Matt. I’m impressed. You saved your allowance to buy an Ipod. Ang galing. I’m sure your mom and dad are so proud of you.

belated happy birthday, matt.

HI JEANNY! I got married at 24 and got pregnant after 6 months. 🙂 That makes me 40, turning 41 na. 😀

HI LEAP OF FAITH! Because we said it’s too expensive for us to buy, he bought the iPod of his classmate for a discounted price. 😉

HI M! Thanks!

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