Say What?

Posted on: August 3, 2008

My boys have the habit of mumbling words that are weird or senseless or just out of the blue. Sometimes Matt would call his younger brothers, “Kyle, Kaloy, Kaloyan”… or “Jake, Jacob, Jacobly”. And if he’s in a playful mood with me, he’d sometimes address me as: “Mother” just for the heck of it.

So today, as I was getting ready to put on clothes and garbed in my bathrobe, Matt was about to step out of my room after watching tv when he said: “Ma…Mother…Elephant” (of all animals!!!!).

I threw a sharp look at him and caught his stunned expression. “I didn’t mean you Ma! It just came out!”.

I glared at him. His eyes looked back at me as he tried to figure out if I was serious or just playing along.

I stood there enjoying the moment but kept my stern and frowning expression. “I sometimes call Kyle that too,” Matt reasoned out and began grinning after he realized it got him into more trouble. “Woops…”.

I started to walk toward him and said “What did you just call me? Ha???”. “No, no, Ma. I wasn’t calling you… honest! I was just mumbling,” he replied. He now looked confused as he sat down squeezing his adult-sized arse into Jake’s kiddie chair,. He lowered his head and meekly uttered. “Alright Ma, pull my hair if that would make you feel better….”

Kulit talaga.

I did pull the hair of my eldest bull. Jokingly of course. Truth be told, I was called worse names before and I’m not one who would be too sensitive to words (unlike one family I know too well who went bonkers and waged an all-out war over the word “bullcrap”. Crazy.). 😛

Ocean Park

Pic of mother elephant with the rest of the herd. 😛

*Photo taken by Junnie and intentionally cropped by me.


5 Responses to "Say What?"

hahahahaha! (laughing at the expense of Linnor. tsk tsk tsk, what kind of friend am i?! :p

Hi Notsquare! I totally don’t mind. 😀

hahaha. actually ako din natawa esp when you said you started giving him stern looks. parang na-imagine ko bigla.

hahaha… wonder what my kids will call me???

Hi Denden! Elephant na naka-frown… That should be quite a sight. Hehehe…

Hi Jo! Your kids are sweet, they wont call you any animal name. Mine are bugoy, lakas mang-alaska. 😛

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