Planning for College

Posted on: August 6, 2008

My eldest son is in 3rd year high school now and soon will be off to college. As my brother and I were chatting earlier today, he suggested for Matt to consider going to NY, Boston or Toronto for a degree. Our conversation went this way:

Me: How much ang tuition sa NY, Boston or Toronto? Baka makuba kami ni Jerry.

Junnie: 45,000 per year

Me: *Gulp* Wala bang scholarship?

Junnie: …but the student can loan that and pay when able

Stop, you had me at “pay when able”, I told mysef. Hahaha….

Me: Matt! Tito Junnie said you should prepare for college as early as now. Where would you prefer? NY, Boston or Toronto? (Naks, as if I could really afford)…

Matt: (Voice coming from the 2nd floor) Ok Ma. How about NY? (Sakay naman sya. This guy is playing along.)

Me: And you Kyle, where would you want to go?

Kyle: *Shrugs his shoulders and smiles* (Perhaps he thought I wasn’t being serious. Hmm.)

Jake the 4yo: Ma, I want to go to Boston! Now…

Me: Ooh-kay… 😀

PSP ogling
Jake and Kyle


9 Responses to "Planning for College"

Maybe Jake was thinking of Boston Celtics :D…..Schooled in the US…wow….that will be a dream come true…never had the chance to do it myself!

Linnor, am not a mom, hindi rin ako nagpapaaral. But i’ve heard this many times from my grandparents, my parents and my ninongs/ninangs etc.

Universities here are EXCELLENT. and going to Uni here creates excellent ties that ground us together.

have your kids study Uni here… and let them take MBA’s or any additional education post Uni na.

my two cents worth.

and i have longer kwento pa… pero i’ll e-mail it nalang 🙂

Hi Jerry! After wearing the Lakers jersey along with the elder brothers, Jake suddenly shifts teams. Hehehe…

Hi Notsquare! Aww… I know what you mean. Plus it’s kinda scary having them far away from me too. Matt will take the Ateneo exam (and probably UP or DLSU too) but he will also try his luck with the North Am unis. 🙂 just to keep his options open. Their Tito Junnie will look after them (daw) if ever. 😉

kayang kaya ni tito junnie ang pang college tuition ni Matt! choose Toronto na lang… mas tame ang mga students dito compared to the US.

Hi Jo! I’m hoping Junnie would pick up the tab for the college tuition in Toronto. If ever…. Hahahah.


wow, linnor. it won’t be long and may college boy ka na. time flies talaga. 🙂 all the best to matt!

is that 45,000 dollars a year? kahit si uncle junnie hindi maka afford nyan!

HI CHRISTINE! It kinda scares me but it’s something we really have to be prepared for.

HI BABALU! Correct! The only way perhaps is to get student loans.

i just bought a Lotto ticket…malay mo…i’ll be blessed to pick up the tab….God knows what’s best 🙂

Hi Babalu, hindi naman ako si Panchito…pero there are ways to go about getting that much money…example eh Lotto, at pagrarampa sa Toronto…wag mo akong ismolin, hahaha

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