Cebu Pacific and NAIA 3

Posted on: August 13, 2008

On my recent trip to Manila last 080808 to 081008, I flew via Cebu Pacific with a P3800 roundtrip ticket (heh, budget traveler, I am). Thus, I had the chance to be in NAIA 3.

I was expecting delayed trips and / or long queues at the terminal after hearing horror stories quite recently. However, none of these happened to me (must be the 080808 phenomena, hehehe). In fact, my flight from Cebu departed 15 minutes and landed in Manila 30 minutes ahead of schedule! Same thing happened on our flight back (Jerry flew with me from Manila to Cebu). No delays = pleasant surprise!

And at the NAIA 3, the directional signs were enough to guide you where to check-in and board at. Without these, one would easily get lost in that monstrosity. So how did the NAIA 3 look? Here, see for yourself.

My creation

Now if only the airline ground personnel would call the attention of those sleeping passengers who are lying down and occupying 3 seats while waiting for their flight/s….

14 Responses to "Cebu Pacific and NAIA 3"

at the dubai airport, people sleep on benches, chairs, plant boxes and on the floor! grabe!

Hi Notsquare! Perhaps they were trying to save on hotel cost. 😦

Wow the NAIA 3 is now comparablle to the Changi Airport of Singapore or the De Gaulle Airport in Paris. Ang sobrang laki at state-of-the-art ang facilties!

Tama na ang commercial mo for CebuPac because I am a PAL customer, no matter what!

HI PAPARAZZI! Hahaha! Fan ako ng carrier na makakapag-bigay palagi sa akin ng ZERO fare! πŸ˜€

A quick question regarding NAIA 3, what type of ID is needed to enter this airport? Does it have to be a passport for just a domestic flight or is any type of ID like drivers license sufficient enough?

Hi Sueanne! If it’s for a domestic flight, you would be requested to present your e-ticket and (if ticket was bought via credit card) a copy of the credit card used to buy the ticket (could be yours or somebody else’s) and of course your govt issued ID (driver’s license, bir, etc.)

Thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

you’re 3800pesos ticket was OVERPRICED. PAL sold the same ticket for the same route for only 2700. because your mindset is if you have less money then fly with 5j which is NO LONGER TRUE. PAL & PAL EXPRESS already level their fare to compete with 5j and even offer far better service. before you book online plz call PAL ticket office in cebu, mnl or your travel agent. dump cebu pacific. plz visit my site THANKS

to respe: i don’t know you, nor tinnor, but i just found your tone so insulting, talking her down like that. you could have just shared your opinion, adamant it may be, in a more polite, courteous manner.

Hi Respe! At the time I bought my CebuPac ticket (the day before my flight), PAL quoted me for P4200. Hence the move to CebuPac. And I surprisingly got my money’s worth. Not that I have loyalty to any of the carriers but if you take morning flights with CebuPac, delays are almost non-existent.

Hi Maria! I greatly appreciate your comment. πŸ™‚ The comment was too passionate for comfort ;).

hey, i’m a student and just 17y.o.
it’s my first time to use NAIA3 and i was wondering if
i really need a copy of the credit card used to buy the
eticket coz my parents bought it for me in the visayas
and i’ll be leaving manila..

are they really strict with those things before i could enter?


Hi Sofia! For sure they would ask for your personal ID card and match it with the name on your plane ticket. As for the credit card used to purchase your ticket, sometimes they don’t ask for it. I guess, it’s better to be on the safe side. BTW, this is true also for the other airports. πŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting!

I am from Tacloban and Ill be taking a HK flight via Manila. But I have 4 hours waiting time in NAIA3 before my HK flight. What are the other facilities there so i wont get bored? Is there a restaurant where I can take my lunch? Thanks.

like 2 ask where can i park my car since il be coming back after 3 days? the park and fly terminal is far from the naia3…. is ther any parking lot available near the vicinity?

I wish they will have a free wi-fi soon..

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