Buwan ng Wika

Posted on: August 29, 2008

Buwan ng Wika
Jake, Andre, DD

To celebrate the last school day for the Buwan ng Wika (month of the Filipino language), Jake wore Barong Tagalog (national costume for men) to school this morning. My crazy imagination gave me a visual of how my boy would look like in about 20-25 years, when he decides to wear the same type of outfit for his wedding. Eep… Erase! Erase!

So anyway…

There may be a high percentage of non-Filipino students in his school, but, to the delight of parents, that didn’t stop them from singing Filipino songs and dancing to Filipino music. ๐Ÿ™‚ They even re-enacted the “bayanihan” spirit where an assigned group of high school students jointly carried on their shoulders a hut made of nipa around the gym.

It was a short affair that lasted for about 2 hours max, just enough time for me to get back to work right after. To cap the morning session, Jake’s class had a feast of all-Filipino food that the parents were requested to bring. We contributed pansit palabok, heheh… Is that even Filipino? On our way home, just like the rest of the mommies, I managed to bring pieces of budbud and bibingka that I wasn’t able to finish.

7 Responses to "Buwan ng Wika"

they could have posed the same way like here :

black then, now Barong white ๐Ÿ™‚ Jake is enjoying school noh? and he will not have a girlfriend til he is 12.

Hi Junnie! It was quite a challenge to make these boys stay put for a few shots. Hehehe… One of his friends (in the link you posted) wasn’t wearing a Barong Tagalog. He came in a farmer’s outfit. Hahahah.

those kids look so cute with their filipino outfits.. i wonder if louna would ever wear a filipino traditional costume..

ang gugwapo talaga nila! you know what, even the foreigners love our barong tagalog–that was what i was witness to the 22 years i was working with ADB, an international organization of 60 plus nationalities.

making the kids wear our national costume is giving them a sense of culture, and i hope patriotism

Tanong ko lang—Bakit Ingles ang gamit mo sa halip na Pilipino para sa Buwan ng Wika? Di mo ba alam na taong di marunong mag mahal ng sariling wika ay masahol pa sa malansaing isda?”

Pero si Jake ay sariwang-sariwa at kailan man ay hindi maging malansang Danggit ng Batayan Island? Ang pogi ni Jake. Totoo talaga ang kasabihan na kung ano man ang pinaka puno, siya rin ang bunga!

Hi Analyse! I think it’s more common for the men than women to wear traditional Filipino attire. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Dine / Sexy Mom! I actually admire foreigners who prefer to don our national costume than their usual coat & tie in formal or business affairs. It makes them less stiff / more relaxed.

Hi Paparazzi! Kasi pag nagta-Tagalog ako sa entry ko, di mo na ako binabasa. Dinadahilan mo na malalim masyado at nahihirapan kang intindihin. Ayan, ginawa ko na lang Inggles para makapag-comment ka. Hehehe.

Magandang salaysayin para sa Buwan ng Wika. Barong Tagalog at talaga namang “tatak Pinoy” at masasabi ko na isa sa mga desinyo na maipagmalaki sa ibang bansa, kasama nito ang Maria Clara – damit pambabae. Sa kabilang dako, ako’y nalulungkot dahil sana ang salaysayin na ito ay isinulat sa wikang Filipino at dahil nga sa pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika, mas tugmang magsulat sa ating wika. Maraming salamat po! Mabuhay ang Pinoy, mabuhay ang Pilipinas

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