Posted on: September 2, 2008


I didn’t misspell the title of this entry. That’s just playing with the name of this new place at the Walk. It’s a Mexican fusion resto-bar named Mooon.

It’s open (almost) 24/7. And on some Sunday afternoons, my family and I lug our macs, psp, gameboy, and the newspaper and spend time doing our own thing there while sipping Mooon’s fruit cooler.

I like that it’s near enough to my workplace that I could actually get wifi signals. Hehe… Perhaps on some days, this could be an extension office for when I need a change of scenery….

Well, just maybe…


10 Responses to "Moooning"

the 1st pic above looks amazing, i am not really taking photos indoors, i think because it requires so much creativity to catch the artistic piece, and you just have that i believe. i wonder what was it that provided some sort of motion in the pic, it look like a twirling bowl?

Awww, thanks for seeing that artistic touch in the pic. I’m happy my regular Sony T100 digital cam can do that to indoor pics. No tweaking necessary.

That moving thing is the ceiling fan. 🙂

Naku. Akala ko kung anong klaseng moooning ang ibig mong sabihin. Iba tuloy ang napasok sa isip ko – yung kadalasang ginagawa ng mga American teenagers…. Hrhrhrhr!

Again, great pictures! You really know how to take advantage of the lighting, kahit madilim, ganda!

Hi Dondi! GOTCHA! I know what you mean, hehehehe…. Glad you liked the pics. 😉

we ate here…and not only was the place quaint with its ceiling fans, literally, but they also serve good food and free wifi!

That looks like a very interesting place. We visited Cebu in December last year, and sure would have enjoyed Mooon.

A Pinay In England
I, Woman
Norwich Daily Photo

it looks like a cooool place, this moooon! yes, it’s always a nice feeling to find a wi-fi place whwre one could just hang out, just to get out, and have a change of environment.

Hi Junnie!
Good place for photo ops too. 😀

Hi Joy!
Now that’s one more reason (among so many others) to come back to Cebu :).

Hi Dine!
This is one of our weekend itineraries with the kids where we just sit, drink fruit cooler and do our own thing (play psp, surf, read the paper, blog). Heheh.

hey cuz, di pa tayo nakapag-bonding sa mooon or any place at ‘the walk’. buti pa nung di pa tayo nagkapit-office =)

Hi Cuz M!

Oo nga. I hope your sched permits some free time na makapag-bonding tayo. 😀

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