2 Weddings 1 Weekend

Posted on: September 14, 2008

Wedding No. 1 –

Last week, we attended 2 weddings and a birthday party. As in all weddings, dress code was formal. However, I was dismayed when I tried on my formal dresses. None of them fit me comfortably. Ugh. After a quick trip to the mall, I bought a gray dress that looked passable.

Two days before the wedding, I tried the dress on again and found out it easily showed wet marks (back, under arms, etc). Disgusting. So I went back to the mall to get me a decent looking outfit and ended up with this….

@ Grand Convention for a relative's wedding reception

Nope, it’s not a dress nor a gown. It’s just a dressy top I wore with a pair of really dark skinny pants.

Oh well…..

Anyway, here are my sons, looking dapper in long sleeved polos…

@ Grand Convention for a relative's wedding reception

Wedding No. 2 –

The first wedding was evidently lavish and expensive. The guests totalling 1000 were mostly the who’s who of Cebu. But to me, wedding number two was better in all respects. It was intimate and all the details were just impeccable… decor, food, music, programme. The works. Of course you can’t go wrong with food from Abaca. It was just perfect. And to think, preparation was only less than two weeks….

@ Abaca for a friend's wedding reception
infinity pool

@ Abaca for a friend's wedding reception
Jerry and some of our friends during cocktails

@ Abaca for a friend's wedding reception
the table setting…

Ah weddings… I pray both couples have a blessed union full of love, happiness, and little kiddies. 🙂


9 Responses to "2 Weddings 1 Weekend"

love your outfit! ang laki talaga nang pinayat mo. kainggit!

saw jerry this morning while i was having breakfast at the second floor.

Lovely top! Liking the colour. If you didn’t mention it, i’d assume it’s a long gown.

Hi M!
Thanks cuz! Fit & Right, occasional Fitrum, badminton, hiking, small meals, green tea are doing wonders I guess :D.

Jerry told me he saw you having a break at the 2nd floor.

Hi Denden!
Thanks! Guess what? I got it for P900 at Celine. Glad I got my money’s worth. Hehehe…

classy! you look fab with that top.

they’re definitely doing wonders! sama mo naman ako sa badminton, i miss playing =)

you look great Linnor!

impressive–both weddings! and your 2 sons are good looking. yes, the red/white dress is better than a gray one for a wedding

Hi Analyse!
Thanks! Mwah!

Hi M!
Bring your badminton wear on Monday. Let’s play! 😉

Hi Jo!
Awww. How generous of you to say that! 😀 Thanks 😉

Hi Sexy Mom!
My 2 sons are growing up really fast… Yes, I also figured, gray would have been too morose of a color.

wow, what a posh wedding! 😉

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